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480 sq ft = 44.59 sq metres (to 4 sf).

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Q: How many sq mt in 480 sq foot?
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Related questions

How many sq ft is 480 sq millimeters?

480 sq mm = 0.00516668 sq ft

How many sq meters are in 480 sq feet?

480 square feet is 44.59m2

How many sq ft are in a sq mt?

1 square foot (ft^2) = 0.0929 square meters (m^2)

How many square feet is a building 16 foot wide and 30 foot long?

Area = 16 x 30 = 480 sq feet

480 sq ft is how many sq meters?

44.59 sq meters.

How many square feet is equal to 480 square meters?

480 sq metres = 5167 sq ft

How many sq meter in are in a sq foot?

1 sq foot = 0.0929030 sq metre

How many 12x12 tiles need for a 480 sq feet?

one 12 x 12 tile is one sq ft you need 480/1 = 480 tiles

How many 1x6's need to cover 480 sq feet?

480/6 = 80

How many square feet are in a 480 square meter house?

480 metre2 = 5167 sq feet

1 sq mt equals how many sq ft?

1 sq metre = 10.764 sq feet.

How many feet are in a sq foot?

one, sq foot just means area

How many square millimeters are in a square foot?

1 sq foot = 92903 sq mm.

How many centimeters per square foot?

1 sq foot = 929.0304 sq centimetres

1guntha is how many sq foot?

1000 sq ft.

2613 sq foot equals how many sq meters?

242.75 sq m

How many square feet is 12' x 40'?

480 sq ft

Your room is 9 foot by 9 foot how many square meters is that?

81 sq ft = 7.525 sq meters

How many feet are in sq feet?

A sq foot is the amount of area of a square that's sides are each 1 foot.

How many square meters is 480 square yards?

1 sq yard = 0.83612736 sq meters so, 401.34113

How many sq foot are in 150 sq fit?

Would you believe 150?

How many sq foot is 21foot x 3foot?

63 sq feet

How many square mt rs in 3.5 x 7 mt rs?

24.5 sq m

How many four foot tiles in 1 sq foot?


How many 2x6 inches equal 1 square foot?

1 sq foot = 12in * 12 in = 144 sq in. 144 sq in / 12 sq inches = 12 pieces.