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13*9 = 117 sq ft

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Q: How many square feet are there in a room that is 13ft by 9ft?
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What size and shape area rug for a 13ft by 13ft room?

It will be a square shape and have an area of 169 square feet

What is Square feet of a room 13ft 7in x 14ft 10in?

About 201.486 square feet.

How do you convert a room of 13ft x 15ft to square feet?

Area = 13*15 = 195 square feet

How do you get the square foot?

room height=8ft, width=13ft lengh=15ft. what is square feet?

How do you convert a room 26ft by 13ft into square feet?

26x13=338 sq ft

What is the square footage of a room the length is 19ft and the width is 13ft 9 in?

261.25 square feet on the floor. 261.25 square feet on the ceiling. (65.5 x height of the room) square feet on the four walls.

How many sq ft are there in a room that is 13ft 5in by 13ft 4in?

1788/9 square feet on the floor, and the same number more on the ceiling. There are also many more square feet on the walls, but to calculate them, we'd need to know the height of the ceiling above the floor.

How many square meters are in a room measuring 13 ft by 11ft?

13ft * 11ft = 143 Sq feet.143 square foot = 13.28513472 square meter

How many square yards are necessary to carpet a 13ft by 17 ft room?


How do you convert a room 23 by 13 into square feet?

If a room is 23ft by 13ft, you can calculate the area (or square footage) of the room by multiplying these two numbers together: 23 x 13 = 299 ft2

How many square yards in a room 13ft wide by 24ft long?

13ft * 24 ft = 312 sq ft = 312/9 = 34.66... sq yards

How big is a room that is 110 square feet?

Any size room where the length in feet times the width in feet equals 1,330.