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I need to know how thick the layer of gravel is meant to be.

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Q: How many square feet does a ton of gravel cover?
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How many square feet will 12 cubic yards of gravel cover at two inch thickness?

744 Square Feet

How many square ft will 5 cubic feet of pea gravel cover?


How many tons of gravel to cover 800 square feet 3 inches thick?


How many yards of gravel to cover 2150 square feet at 2 inches deep?

13 1/4

How many bags of .5 cubic feet of gravel would it take to cover about 200 square feet of area?

It would take roughly 66 bags to cover a 200 square ft area 2 inches thick

How many yards of gravel it takes to cover six hundred square feet?

That depends on how deep you want to spread it. To cover 600 square feet, you need (111/9) cubic yards for every 6 inches of depth.

How many square feet will a ton of gravel cover?

Based on sand and gravel calculator found on L.R. Faulk Construction Co. site, 1 ton of gravel (clean rock) will equal approximately 7.3 sq. ft x 6 inches deep, or 5.2 sq. ft x 3 inches deep. A ton of gravel will cover approximately 15 square yards (135 square feet) at 3 inches deep.

How many square feet are in a yard of gravel?

A "yard of gravel" is a measure of volume, not a measure of area. There are 27 cubic feet (3x3x3 feet) in a yard of gravel, or one cubic yard.

How many square feet will a ton of salt cover?

How many square feet will a ton of salt cover?

How many bags of pea gravel would you need to cover 368 square feet if it covered .5 cubic feet per bag?

It would obviously depend on how thickly you wanted to cover the surface, and how 'tall' a single unit of pea gravel was. You would need 736 bags per foot depth.


Tiles that are two feet on a side cover 4 square feet. 378 of them cover 1512 square feet.

How many square feet will a bungle of shingles cover?

A bundle of Shingles will cover roughly 33 square feet. A square of Shingles (3 Bundles) will cover 100 square feet.