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1 m2 = 10.76 ft2

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Q: How many square feet equal a square meet?
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What are the square numbers that are greater than 80 and a multiple of 16?

There are infinitely many of them. The square of any multiple of four that is greater or equal to 12 will meet the requirement.

Shape with four equal sides?

A square is one type of rhomboid that meets the criteria of four equal sides. If the angles are not all equal there are many diamon shaped figures which meet the criteria.

Why a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square?

A rectangle is a plane four sided shape. It has two pairs of parallel sides which meet at right angles. So is a square. The opposite sides of a rectangle are equal but in a square all four sides are equal. So a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square.

What does square and non square mean?

A square is a closed plane figure bounded by 4 straight lines which are of equal length and which meet one another at right angles. Anything else is non-square.

Square Pyramid will have how many triangles that meet in a point?

Four of them

What is the size of a square?

A square can be any size. The only rule is that for it to a perfect square, all 4 sides should be of equal lengths and meet each other at right angles (90 degrees).

How do you divide a square into 2 equal parts?

The centre of the square is where the two diagonals meet. Take any point on the boundary of the square. Draw a straight line from that point , through the centre of the square, to the other side of the square. This line divides the square into two halves of identical shape and size. Since there are infinitely many points along the side of the square, there are infinitely man solutions.

How many perpendicular does a square have?

It has 4 and they all meet at right angles which is 90 degrees

What is the attribute of a square?

A regular quadrilateral. A plane shape with four sides which are equal in length and which meet at right angles.

How many faces dose a square pyramid have?

A square pyramid is a polyhedron with a square base and triangular sides that meet at a point at the top. This gives this pyramid five faces.

How many oz of hamburger meet equal one pound?

16 oz = 1 lb.

How many perpendicular sides does a Square have?

It has 4 and they all meet at right angles which is 90 degrees