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9 multiplied by 40 is 360. So the answer is 360 square feet.

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Q: How many square feet in 9feet by 40feet?
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How many square feet in an area 40feet x 60feet?

to find square feet multiply length by width. in this example 40x60 the answer is square feet 40x60=2400sqft

How many square feet is 9feet 10 inches x 30feet?

9'10" * 30' = 910/12 * 30 = 295 square feet

3 yards 2 feet equals how many feet?

3yards = 9feet add the 2feet to 9feet and you get 11feet total

9feet is how many inches?

9 feet is equal to 108 inches.

How many square yards are there in a floor which is 9 feet long by 21 feet wide?

1 square foot is 0.111 square yards. The floor area is 9feet x 21feet = 189 square feet. Therefore, the total square yards is: 189 square feet x 0.111 square yards/foot squared = 21 square yards Therefore, there is 21 square yards of floor.

How many yards in 9feet?


What are the answers to 5th grade math study link 9.4?

regina wants to cover one wall of her room with wallpaper.The wall is 9feet high and 15 feet wide.There is a doorway in the wall that is 3 feet high and 7 feet wide. how many square feet of wallpaper will she need to buy>

If a 15foot ladder is leaning against a 30foot wallthe bottom of the ladder is 9feet from the wallhow many feet above the ground does the ladder touch the wall?

Use Pythagoras' theorem: 152-92 = 144 and the square root of 144 is 12 Answer: 12 feet

9feet equals how many yards?

3 yds.

How many cm are there in 9feet?

9ft = = 274.32 cm

How many square feet of wallpaper are needed to cover a wall 8 ft high by 15 ft wide?

If you multiply 8 x 15 you should be close...

How many square feet are in 10279 square feet?

10279 square feet.

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