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30 × 60 = 1800 square feet

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Q: How many square feet in a 30by60 pad?
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Your room is 12 feet by 13 feet how many square yards of carpet pad do you need?

12 feet X 13 feet = 156 square feet 156 / 9 = 17.333 square yards

Measuring square feet into yards of concrete?

1 cubic yard of concrete fills 27/depth in feet square feet.The number of cubic yards you need is(length of the pad in feet) x (width of the pad in feet) x (depth of the pad in inches)/324

You have 28x20 square feet how many cubic yard concrete you do whants?

That depends on how deep you pour it.The number of cubic yards you need is(length of the pad in feet) x (width of the pad in feet) x (depth of the pad in inches)/324For your 28' x 20' pad, that's [ (1.728) x (depth in inches) ] cubic yards.

How many cubic feet in a 4ft by 4ft by 3.5 inch pad?

The pad has a volume of 4.67 cubic feet.

How many cubic yards of concrete are required to pour a concrete pad that is 5 inches high X 5 feet wide X 10 feet long?

Slightly less than 1. 5x10 is 50 square feet. If the pad was 6 inches thick that would equal 25 cubic feet. There are 27 cubic feet in 1 cubic yard.

How many Tons of crusher run for pad 24 feet by 26 feet by 8 inches thick?

well 18 tons will do a pad 20X20 4 inches thick... which is almost 1/2 a ton per square foot at 4 inches thick. so 1 ton per 8 inches thick per square foot. so I would say around 42 tons of crusher for your pad.

Can crazy glue hold a car in the air?

Possibly if you could glue about 3 square feet of the roof to a pad from a crane.

How many square ft in a pad 15ft by 30 ft?

450 sq. ft.

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Can a concrete pad be considered a footprint?

That depends on whether you have concrete pad shaped feet.

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