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Since there is no standard bag of cellulose insulation you will have to calculate the coverage of the specific product to be installed. Bags usually range in size from 18 pounds to 40 pounds. Cellulose must be installed at a minimum of 3 pcf in walls. A typical cavity in a house with nom 2 x 4 framing is a little less than 3 cubic feet. Thus, you need about 9 pounds of insulation per cavity. From this you can easily calculate the minimum amount of material needed to insulate a wall.

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Q: How many square feet of sidewall does a bag of cellulose insulation cover?
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How many square feet does a bag of insulation cover?


Convert one ton to square feet?

One ton is a unit of weight. Square Feet is a unit of space. You cannot convert the two without knowing more information such as a tone of what will cover such and such square feet, a ton of insulation will cover this much square feet to this depth. etc...

How many rolls of insulation to cover 8 x 10 shed?

Depends how big insulation rolls are.

Will homeowners ins cover animal pee on insulation in an attic Insulation removal and drywall damage-repair?


Can roll aluminum insulation be installed on top of blown in insulation?

Fiberglass and cellulose insulation work by slowing down heat transfer from one source to another. That's why the thicknesses of those insulation's are crucial for performance. Also, fiberglass and cellulose only resist heat transfer, they don't block or reflect it so it eventually escapes through. Perforated radiant barrier can be installed over top of existing attic insulation to form a reflective cover to enhance your other insulation. When installing radiant barrier over the attic floor you must use the perforated radiant barrier for maximum breathability. Moist air that is created inside your home must be able to escape as it rises through your ceiling. If a perforated radiant barrier is not used, the moisture will be trapped in between the barrier and your ceiling. When trapped this will cause condensation to form inside the building materials and insulation creating damage and mold. - EcoFoil

How many square feet will a 3 ton unit cover?

Average of about 1500-2100 sq ft. Please be aware that there are a lot of factors, such as ceiling height, insulation, climate, shading, etc. that will affect this.

Environmentally Friendly Attic Insulation?

Every home must use insulation of some type, especially when an attic is involved. Attics are known for losing heat quickly, especially when the temperature is below freezing. Attic insulation comes in various forms, but the most popular is fiberglass, although better and more technological types of insulation have recently become available for home use as well. The newer insulation is also more environmentally friendly as well, although they do cost a bit more to employ but the cost savings can be dramatic.Recycled Cellulose Attic InsulationCellulose is a renewable resource and is one of the most environmentally friendly attic insulators available worldwide., Not only does it reduce heating and cooling costs, but it is also easy to sue and recycle as well. Additionally, using post consumer cellulose fill is even more environmentally friendly because it saves the manufacturers from needing to produce more, thus lowering the overall carbon footprint of the insulation as a whole. Using recycled cellulose means using materials from landfills and this will reduce the amount of chemicals released into the air from manufacturing other paper products. Waste paper is one of the biggest sources of cellulose so using it as an insulator for an attic is logical.All that is needed is enough waste paper or other loose recycled cellulose that has been treated with an environmentally friendly bug repellant and flame retardant spray to fill the needed square footage of the attic floor, for example. This works especially well if the attic is not used. Simply covering the attic flooring with the cellulose will be enough to keep the heat and cool air downstairs where it belongs.Downfall to CelluloseOne thing to keep in mind, though if cellulose s in fact used as an attic insulator is that if it rains and the attic leaks, the insulator may rot and mold. Because cellulose is a natural fiber, it can soak up water as any other paper would. This means that any leaks in the attic should be sealed before applying the attic insulation otherwise the project could turn messy and hazardous as well.Overall, recycled cellulose is a great choice for attic insulation projects. It is relatively cheap since a person can simply cut up their old newspapers and treat it with the environmentally safe treatments, It is also very easy to apply because simply spreading around enough to cover the floor up to a few inches thick is enough to keep costs down while saving the Earth.

How many square feet will a bungle of shingles cover?

A bundle of Shingles will cover roughly 33 square feet. A square of Shingles (3 Bundles) will cover 100 square feet.

How much will a two inch thick stone cover per square feet?

A square foot will cover a square foot, regardless of the depth of the material the cover is made of.

What area would three square feet cover?

Three square feet would cover one square yard or 36 square inches.

How many square miles does the Gobi Desert cover?

It cover 500 thousand square miles.

How much area will 35 square feet cover?

"Square feet" aren't things that are used to cover area."35 square feet" is an amount of area that you have to cover with something.