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You need the dimensions of the bricks.

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Q: How many square feet will 228 solid brick cover?
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How many brick cover a square foot?

Probably 6 or 7 It all depends upon what size brick you are opting for. For Size of a brick 8x4x4 inches , four bricks per square feet.

How many brick in a square feet width?

The answer depends on how big each brick is.

How many bricks are needed to build a 6 foot high wall to cover 43560 square feet?

It depends on the one brick size


Tiles that are two feet on a side cover 4 square feet. 378 of them cover 1512 square feet.

How many square feet will a bungle of shingles cover?

A bundle of Shingles will cover roughly 33 square feet. A square of Shingles (3 Bundles) will cover 100 square feet.

How many 4x8 bricks cover 120 square feet?

Assuming it's 4x8 inches, then one brick = 1/3 feet * 2/3 feet, so the area of a brick is 2feet2/9. 120 feet2/(2feet2/9) = 540 bricks

How much area will 35 square feet cover?

"Square feet" aren't things that are used to cover area."35 square feet" is an amount of area that you have to cover with something.

How many square feet will a ton of salt cover?

How many square feet will a ton of salt cover?

What area would three square feet cover?

Three square feet would cover one square yard or 36 square inches.

How many square feet is needed to cover a square yard?

9 square feet.

How many bundles of shingles to cover 1900 square feet?

19 squares will cover 1900 square feet.

What are the dimensions of the largest square plot that a bag of fertilizer will cover that covers 400 square feet?

The fertilizer will cover a square plot 20 feet by 20 feet.