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The area of a rectangle 12 inches by 12 yards is 5184 square inches, since 12 inches * 12 yards * 36 inches/yard = 5184 square inches.

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Q: How many square inches are in a piece of fabric 12 inches wide by 12 yards long?
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Related questions

How many yards of fabric is 102 inches x 108 inches?

102 inches by 108 inches is exactly 8.5 square yards.

How many square yards in a piece of fabric 435 feet long and 15 feet wide?

725 yards

How many yards is 32 square feet of 42 fabric?

If you're referring to 42" fabric, then 32 square feet would be 3 yards. The way I came about this is: 36" (1 yard) of 42" fabric is 10.5 square feet (36" x 42" = 1512 square inches divided by 144 square inches (or 12" x 12")); then I divided 10.5 square feet into 32 square feet getting the answer of 3.0476 yards.

How many yards of fabric for 29 x 53?

One yard of fabric is 36 inches. Bolts come in two sizes: 44 inches, and 54 inches. If you need a piece of fabric that is 29 inches x 53 inches, you'll need 29 inches of fabric, or 7/8 of a yard.

How do you onvert square inches into square yards of fabric?

1 square yard = 9 square feet 1 square yard = 1,296 square inches 1 square foot = 144 square inches

How many yards of fabric do you need for 100 10 inch by 10 inch squares?

One square yard of fabric is 36 by 36 inches. 100 10 by 10 inch squares would be equal to 1000 by 1000 inches. 1000/36 is just under 28, so you would need 28 square yards of fabric.

How many yards of fabric for 102 by 39 inches?

There are 110.5 yards of fabric for 102 by 39 inches. 1 yard is equivalent to 36 inches.

How many yards in 25 inches x 25 inches?

If you multiply inches times inches, you get square inches. You can convert that to square yards, but not to yards.

5 yards of 60'' wide fabric equals how many yards of 57'' wide fabric?

Area of first piece = 5 yards * 60 inches = 300 inch-yards Suppose length of equivalent area of 57" fabric is x yards then x*57 = 300 or x = 300/57 = 5.26 yards (approx).

Calculate square inches into square yards?

To convert square inches to square yards, divide square inches by 1,296.

Francine needs 12 yards of fabric She has 108 inches How many more yards of fabric does she need?

There are 36 inches in one yard, so 108/36 = 3 yards, therefore Francine need another 9 yards of fabric.

What is the formula for converting square inches to square yards?

square inches x 0.0007716049 = square yards

How many yards in a piece of material 72 inches x 72 inches?

That is 2 yds x 2yds, so 4 square yards. Or, 72 x 72 = 5,184 square inches; there are 1,296 square inches in one square yard (36 x 36), so 5,184/1,296 = 4

How many yards of fabric for a twin flat sheet dimensions are 66x96?

Those are dimensions in inches. Multiply 66 by 96 and you will get square inches. There are 144 square inches in one square foot and 9 square feet in one square yard. It's second-grade arithmetic.

2 square yards equals how many square inches?

2 square yards = 2592 square inches

How many inches in 4 square yards?

There are 5184 inches in 4 square yards

How many square yards are in 900 square inches?

900 square inches = 0.694 square yards.

How many square inches are in 8 square yards?

8 square yards = 10,368 square inches.

How many square yards in 26000 square inches?

26,000 square inches = 20.06 square yards.

If i have a room 99 inches by 20 inches how many square yards?

1.53 square yards.

How many square yards in 103 inches x 113 inches?

8.98 square yards.

How many yards are there in a piece of cloth 6 feet wide by 12 feet long?

The piece is 2 yards by 4 yards ie 8 square yards. Square yards is a measure of area and there are no yards (a measure of distance) in square yards.

How many yards is 10 square feet of fabric?

10 square feet = 1.11 square yards.

How many yards of 45 iinch wide fabric would it take to get 9.5 sq feet?

Multiply 9.5 times 144 to get the square inches, which is 1,368. Divide by 45 to get 30.4 inches. .845 yards will get you the amount you are asking for.

How many yards to get 150 sq inches?

One square inch equals 0.0007 square yards. The answer can be given multiplying the number of square inches with 0.0007 to get number of square yards. Therefore the answer here is 0.105 square yards.