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The answer will depend on how deep a layer of sand.

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Q: How many square inches does a 60 lb bag of sand cover?
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How many yards of sand to cover 594 square feet at 4 inches deep?


How much will 10yds of sand cover 6 inches thick?

540 square feet

How many square yards in one ton of sand?

That depends entirely on what kind of sand how deep you spread it. As an approximation, you could assume a bulk density for dry sand of about 110 lb/ft3. One ton (2000 lb) of sand would thus be about 18.18 ft3 or 0.673 yd3. If you spread it 6 inches deep you could cover about 4 square yards. At a foot deep, you would cover 2 square yards. At 3 inches deep you would cover 8 square yards. At 1 inch deep you would cover 24 square yards Reported bulk densities for sand range from 78 lb/ft3 for molding sand to 130 lb/ft3 for moist sand.

How many square feet will 2 tons of sand cover?

No possible answer

How much sand is needed to cover 315sq with 2 inches of sand?

630 cubic inches

How do you work out how many squared meters a ton of sand will cover?

one ton of sand covers about 100 square feet which is about 9.3 square meters.

How much sand to cover 1200 square feet 2 inches deep?

200 cubic feet or 7.4 cubic yards

How many patio blocks will it take to cover 80 sq ft?

Not counting the space for sand between the blocks, it would take11,520/(area of each block in square inches)blocks.

How many square yards of sand will it take to cover 500 square feet at 4 thick?

Square yards is a measure of area, you need to purchase your sand as a volume not an area. You will need 2000 cubic feet of sand.

How many bags of 5 cubic feet of sand to cover 80 square feet of area?

You need to mention how deep you want the sand to be

How many square feet does a yard of sand cover?

1 yard = 3 feet1 squared yard = 3 square feet

254 square ft with 2 inches of sand how much sand do you need?

about 4.8 ton of sand