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3ft by 4ft

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Q: How many square inches is in 3ft by 4ft?
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Can 4ft x 5ft fit in a square yard?

A square yard is 3ft by 3ft

What is the surface area if a package is 3ft by 3ft by 4ft Which is bigger?

66 square feet

What is the square meter of 4ft by 3ft?

1.219 x 0.9144 = 1.11 square meters

How many cubic meter are there in 5ft by 4ft by 3ft?

5ft * 4ft * 3ft = 60 cubic ft = 1.699 cu metres

How tall is Madison De La Garza?

she is 4ft and 1 inches or 3ft and 12inches.

Can you completely cover a 4ft by 8ft area with 3ft by 3ft tiles?


Which of these can be used to completely cover the area of a 4ft x 8ft floor without cutting 2ft 3ft 4ft or 5ft square tiles?

Two and Four are both common denominators of Four and Eight, therefore either of these can be used. You would need only two 4ft square tiles or eight 2ft square tiles to cover the 4ft x 8ft floor.

Measure the square footage of a closet?

The square footage is determined by measuring the width and the depth of the room. If the closet is 3ft deep and 4ft wide, then multiply 3x4 and your square footage is 12. 12sqft

What could 6ft times 4ft equal in inches?

3456 square inches.

Your pond is 3ft deep x 12ft long x 4ft wide how much water will it hold?

144 square ft

3ft x 6ft x 4ft deep pond equals how many gallons?

538 gallons

How many gallons in 3ft by 4ft tank?

You cannot define a volume with only two linear dimensions.

How many inches is 4ft 10 inches?

58 inches

How many inches is 4ft 6 in?

54 inches.

4ft 7in equals how many inches?

55 inches

4ft in inches?

4ft to inches is: 12x4= 48inches

What is the sq ft of a room that's 3ft x 4ft?


Which triangle measures 3ft 4ft and 5ft?

A right angle triangle

What size tank does an octopus need?

3ft wide 4ft tall

6ft long by 4ft wide by 3ft deep how many yards of soil is needed?

72 cu yd needed

What is the area of 4ft by 6in?

2 square feet or 288 square inches.

How many inches in 4ft and 5in?

There are 53 inches in 4ft and 5in. you can get this answer by knowing that each foot has 12 inches so you multiply 4 by 12 then add 5

How many inches are there in 4 feet and 8 inches?

56 inches in 4ft 8 inches

How many feet and inches in 135cm?

135cm = 4ft 55⁄32 inches.

How tall is a wolf from foot to head?

It gets to be about 3ft to 4ft if fully grown