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It is the fourth largest Australian desert with an area of 176,500 square Kms

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Q: How many square km is the Simpson desert?
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Related questions

Which is the largest desert in Asia and where is it and how many square km is it?

The Arabian Desert, located on and near the Arabian Peninsula is the largest in Asia at 2,330,000 square km.

What oceans are close to the Simpson Desert?

No oceans are close to the Simpson Desert. Lying essentially in central Australia, the Simpson Desert is closest to the Southern Ocean, but even that is about 700 km away, to the south.

What is the largest desert in Australia?

The largest desert in Australia is the Great Victoria Desert, which covers around 348 750 sq km, and makes up 4.5% of Australia's total land area (according to Geoscience Australia). Estimates of its size vary from 348 750 sq km to 424 400 sq km.Together with the Great Sandy Desert, the Gibson Desert and many of the smaller deserts, it forms the Great Western Desert, the third largest in the world at 1.35 million sq km.Some of the other large deserts are the Gibson Desert, the Tanami Desert, the Great Sandy Desert, the Little Sandy Desert, Strzelecki, Sturt Stony Desert and the Simpson Desert.

How big are the deserts in South America?

Patagonian Desert: 620,000 square km. Atacama Desert: 140,000 square km. Sechura Desert: 188,735 square km. In addition, there are two smaller deserts: The Monte Desert and the Guajira Desert for which I could not find the areas.

What is the largest desert in Asia in square miles?

The Arabian Desert is the largest desert in Asia at 2,330,000 square km or 900,000 square miles.

What is the area of the Patagonian Desert?

The Patagonian Desert is 620,000 square km or 200,000 square miles.

What is the size of the Syrian Desert?

The Syrian Desert is 520,000 square km or 200,000 square miles.

How big is the Taklamakan Desert in China?

The Taklamakan Desert is 270,000 square km or 105,000 square miles.

What is the name of the Australia's largest desert?

The Great Victoria Desert at 647,000 square km (220,000 square miles) is the largest desert in Australia.

What is the size of the Great Sandy Desert?

The Great Sandy Desert is about 400,000 square km or 150,000 square miles.

How big is the Saudi Desert?

The Arabian Desert is 2,330,000 square km. or 900,000 square miles.

How big is the Karakum Desert?

The Karakum is 350,000 square km or 135,000 square miles.

How much bigger is the Sahara then Mojave desert?

The Sahara is 9,000,000+ square km or 3,300,000+ square miles while the Mojave is only 124,000 square km or 48,000 square miles.

How many km of North Africa is covered by the Sahara Desert?

The Sahara covers more than 9,000,000 square kilometers.

What is the size of the worlds largest desert?

Antarctica - 14,000,000 square km or 5,400,000 square miles.

What is the Thar Desert?

The Thar Desert is located in northwest India and southern Pakistan. It is a hot, subtropical desert that covers 77,000 square miles (200,000 square km). It is sometimes called the Great Indian Desert.

What is the area of the Sahara Desert in Km?

Over 9,400,000 square kilometers.

Which is the 5th largest desert in the world?

The Kalahari Desert, at 360,000 square mile (900,000 sq. km), is the 5th largest desert in the world.

How many square km are in a square mile?

There are 2.6 square km in a square mile.

How big is the Kalahari Desert?

The Kalahari Desert has an area of about 900000 km², or 362500 square miles.Kalihari desert is 900,000 sq/km or 350,000 sq/miles big, located in Southern Africa.

What percentage of the Simpson desert is made up of sand dunes?

Approximately 5% of the Simpson Desert is made up of sand dunes. The parallel, wind-blown sand dunes that make up the spectacular parallel dunal desert occupy about 10 000 sq km of the entire desert, which is about 200 000 sq km in area. The remainder of the desert is sandy plains, spinifex grasslands, saltbush plains and salt lakes. If you would like more information, go to the related link below.

Is the Great Sandy Desert the second largest desert in Australia?

Yes, at 400,000 square km. or 150,000 square miles, the Great Sandy Desert is the second largest in Australia. It is exceeded in size only by the Great Victoria Desert.

How big is the Negev Desert?

About 13,000 sq km (4700 square miles).

What is the the largest desert in the United States?

The Great Basin Desert is the largest desert in the US which spans 200,000 square miles or 500,000 square km. However, the largest desert that extends into the United States is the Chihuahuan Desert. The greater portion of that desert is located in Mexico.

What is the average population density in the thar desert?

average density of population in Thar desert is 4 person per square km.