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Q: How many square meters is 0.06 square acres?
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How many meters are in 2.006 kilometers?

2006 km = 2 006 000 mTo convert from km to m, multiply by 1000.

.00600 meters divided by .030 equals?


On a blueprint a square with 20 meters per side was shown as a square with 12 centimeters per side how long would a girder appear on the blueprint if the girder was actually 15 meters long?

Since 12 cm is .12 m the scale is .12/20 = .006 . Meaning on the graph 1 m is represented by .006 m or .6 cm. So 15 m would be scaled down to 15 x .6 = 9 cm on the graph.

Which number is greater 006 or 5?

006 (ignore the noughts)

What is 0.01 percent of 006?

0.01% of 006 = 006*0.01/100 = 0.0006

What is 006 of 100000?

0.00006 or .006%

Which is smaller .006 or .06?

.006 is smaller.

How do you calculate the weight of 1m x 1m x 6mm thk glass?

You calculate the volume then multiply by the density of the glass. The volume is 1 x 1 x .006 = .006 cu meters Density depends on glass type but is generally about 2200 kg/cu meter Weight = .006 x 2200 = 13.2 Kg

What is sixty decimeters equal to?

It equals: 6000 millimeters 600 centimeters 6 meters .6 dekameters .06 hectometers .006 kilometers

What was the total area of the union during the US Civil War?

2 236 006 square kilometers, to which it should be added the Border States' area of 312, 473 square kilometers.

Who is buried at the smallest state park in the us?

Elizabeth P. Crockett, Davy Crockett's second wife is buried in the Acton State Historical Site in Acton, TX. The state park is .006 acres in size.

A wave has a wavelength of 2mm and a frequency of 3Hz At what speed does the wave travel?

the formula for wave velocity/speed is: velocity= wavelength * wave frequencyvelocity is measured in meters/second (m/s), wavelength is measured in meters(m), and wave frequency is measured in hertz(hz).your wavelength is in millimeters, so convert it to meters and you get .002, fill[replace] in the numbers you know for the variables in the formula.velocity(m/s)= .002(m) * 3(hz) do the multiplication and you get .006 the speed is .006 meters/second(m/s)you're welcome! :)