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136x32x100 - the gap between the boards

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Q: How many square meters is 100lineal meters of decking 136x32?
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How many lineal meters in one square meter when measuring decking boards?

The answer will depend on the width of the decking boards.

How do you convert square meters into lineal meters for timber decking?

You need to know the width (in metres) of the decking. Then Linear (or lineal) Metres * Width = Square metres so Linear Metres = Square Metrage / Width

If the deck is 5.4 meters by 4 meters how much decking lineal meters do you need?

The area of a rectangular deck is found by multiplying it's width and length. In this case, a 5.4 by 4 meter deck would require 21.6 square meters of material to cover. ------ The above is true but you asked about how many linear meters of decking you would need to cover this area. To answer this you would need to give us width dimension of the decking planks that you were thinking of using.

Ive got a 7800X3200 deck how many lineal meters of decking will you require?

Lineal metres = Square metres/Width of the boards.

You have 3100 lineal feet of decking to install how much is this in square footage?

The answer depends on the width of the decking.

What is a square of metal roof decking?

A roofing square is 100 square feet of materials.

What is the formula for square meters?

meters times meters = square meters

What is 14 square feet in square meters?

About 1.3 square meters. (1.30064256 square meters).

12 square meters x 12 square meters equals how many square meters?

144 square meters

150 square feet converted in square meters?

About 14 square meters. (13.935456 square meters)

What is 3ft by 3ft in square meters?

About 0.84 square meters (0.83612736 square meters)

What is 3 meters by 8 meters in square meters?

24 square meters

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