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Beijing, China is 6,487 square miles.

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Q: How many square miles make up Beijing china?
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How many square miles of land make up California?

158,648 square miles

Where is the capital of China located at?

The capital of China is located in Beijing where there are polluted air. Shanghai was never the capital of China yet but many people had said to make Shanghai the capital of China.

How many square miles make up Wyoming?

Wyoming's area is 97,818 square miles.

What is 30305 square miles like?

I make it an area of a square shape with sides 174 miles.

What are the five mascots of the Beijing Olympic?

There are five mascots of Beijing, China. NiNi, HuanHuan, YingYing JingJing and BeiBei. Altogether, they make a sentence Beijing huanyi ni. (北京欢迎你) This means "Welcome to Beijing". -Patrick Kieu

How many square miles of land make up the continent of Europe?

100,058,095.33 3,930,000 square miles

How many square miles make up martinique?

436 sq miles.

How many square miles of land can make up californ?

163696 square miles of total area. Of that, about 4.7% is water, leaving about 156002.3 square miles of land area.

How long did The Great Wall of China take to make?

the great wall of china is .............. miles long!

What is better shanghai or Beijing?

Beijing and Shanghai have their respective charms. Beijing is a bustling metropolis. And so is Shanghai. Only, Shanghai has more cultural heritage sites than Beijing. The port city of Shanghai has a quaint mix of the old and the new. Also, Shanghai is the economy center of China while Beijing is the capital of China. Served as capital city with a history over 800 years, Beijing is the best place to view some imperial spots and the famous great wall. The Olympic in 2008 make it well-known to the world. while Shanghai is a city which the east meets the west, it is a moderized city in China, with some historical sites. I think Beijing is better

How long have the current party been in charge in china?

they built a wall around the city near beijing to make it safe against attack

How do you convert miles to square feet?

It doesn't make sense to convert linear units to square units.

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