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163,696 sq miles of which 4.7% is water

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Q: How many square miles of water make up California?
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How many square miles of land make up California?

158,648 square miles

How many square miles of land can make up californ?

163696 square miles of total area. Of that, about 4.7% is water, leaving about 156002.3 square miles of land area.

What is 30305 square miles like?

I make it an area of a square shape with sides 174 miles.

How many square miles make up Wyoming?

Wyoming's area is 97,818 square miles.

How many miles from tucson to california?

You can make the border in about 250 miles.

How many square miles of land make up the continent of Europe?

100,058,095.33 3,930,000 square miles

How many square miles make up Beijing china?

Beijing, China is 6,487 square miles.

How many square miles make up martinique?

436 sq miles.

How do you convert miles to square feet?

Multiply square miles by 27,878,400 to get square feet.

What is the length and width of a square mile?

A square mile is an area measurement, not a specific shape. They could be just about anything, as long as they multiply together to make one square mile. 1 mile by 1 mile is a square mile. Two miles by half a mile is a square mile. 1 foot by 5280 miles is a square mile. This means that 8 square miles can be 2 miles by 4 miles or 1 mile by 8 miles.

100 miles square equals how many miles?

100 square miles refers to the size of an area. You can't say 100 square miles = 200 regular miles, or anything like that. What you can say is 100 square miles is the area of a patch of land that is 10 miles long and 10 miles wide. Or 20 miles long and 5 miles wide. Or any two numbers that, when multiplied together, make 100.

How long is 27 square miles?

How long would you like it to be? 10 miles? make the area 2.7 miles wide. 100 miles? make it 0.27 miles wide. 1 million miles? make it 0.000027 miles wide. For any length x, make the width 27/x miles.

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