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Answer: 144 and a half (divide by 9.)

But that assumes that there is no waste.

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Q: How many square yards of carpet do I need to cover 1300 square feet?
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If a carpet is 15.00 a square yard how much would it cost to carpet a home with 1300 square feet?

1300 square feet of carpet is 144.44 square yards, putting your total at $2,166.67.

How many square yards of carpet do a floor of 1300 square feet?

you divide 1300 by 3 to get 433.333333333333333333 and so on goes the threes but that also equals 433 and 1/3 ft.2

How many yards in 140 square feet?

There is approximately 1300 square feet in 140 square yards.

How many miles are there in 1300 yards?

There are 1767 yards in one mile. Therefore, 1300 yards is equal to 1300/1760 = 0.73863 recurring (that is, 0.738636363...) miles.

When the area of a square is 1300 square yards find the dimensions of the square?

the side is 36.055 yards. in order to find the sides of a square with only the area you would need to find the square-root of that data seeing as the sides of the square are identical and are multiplied by each other to get the area.

How many yards are there in 1300 inches?

There are 36 inches in one yard. Therefore, 1300 inches is equal to 1300/36 = 36.1 recurring (that is, 36.1111...) yards.

How many yards in 1300 meters?

There are 0.9144 metres in one yard. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 1300 metres is equal to 1300/0.9144 = 1421.70 yards.

1300 meters is how many yards?

Divide by 0.9144

1300 square feet is how many square meters?

1300 square meters = 13,993.08 square feet.

What percent is 100 square feet of 1300 square feet?

100/1300 * 100% = 7.692%

1300 square meters equal to how much kilometer?

1300 square meters is 0.0013 sq km

What is the square root of 1300?