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Q: How many sums of maths you must do in class 10 for practice?
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What is the minimum qualification of maths lecturer in engineering college as per AICTE norms?

It must be a first class in M.Sc. Applied Mathematics.

How can I pass my dialysis technician practice test?

You must practice, practice, practice! Study your class notes, take an online practice test, or request one from your professor. Make a set of flash cards, and keep reviewing.

What grade is for math is expected?

Maths grade should be the full mark.It is a must of Maths

Can i study biotechnology if i don't have maths subject?

Not really you must have atleast a knowledge of Maths because maths is the most important skill in our life without maths i cant imagine the future

Is maths more important than english?

yes because if you want to open a shop you will need to know maths or if you want to be a doctor you MUST be good at maths and english you can get better each day

Which gcse subject need for software engineering?

You need: I.C.T, Maths, Additional Maths, Physics and Technology (and whatever else you want). You need additional maths to take on maths to AS Level. I.C.T is an absolute must and Technology goes well with it and Physics is 1/3 of the engineer part along with Technology and Maths.

Is it a must to have Advanced Level maths to persue a Bsc in Astrophysics?


What mathematical qualifications would you need to have to take a course of engineering at university?

you must know each and every concept of +2 maths and +1 maths .

A student must learn that homework is important to them.?

Homework is exercising your brain by using what you have been taught in class to solve problems, and practice your new skill.

How many calories do you burn at a Jazzercise class?

you must be fat to have to jazzercise!

If A school has 18 classes with 35 students in each class In order to reduce class size to 30 How many classes must be formed?

A school has 18 classes with 35 students in each class. In order to reduce class size to 30, how many new classes must be formed?

How many shapes are in maths?

I am no sure what you mean by shape, but there are infinitely many different regular polygons, one for every positive integer, so I would think there must be infinitely many shapes.

What subjects or majors can you do if you're good with math but hate essay writing?

It's hard to think of any because although many subjects and related careers are far more numerical than textual, in practice you must still be able to write "essays" - or reports - on whatever you are using the maths to analyse.

Why must you give the definition of a static variable outside of the class in c plus plus?

Static member variables are local to the class. That is, there is only one instance of a static member variable, regardless of how many objects are instantiated from the class. As such, they must be declared inside the class, and defined outside of the class.

Does criss angel practice magic?

of coarse. in order for him to perform it he must practice and get it perfect . i know because i am a begginer magician and every magician MUST practice his/her magic tricks.

How do you play a piece of music on a piano?

First, one must secure use of a piano. Then one needs to take lessons to learn to play the piano, and must practice, practice, and practice. When done practicing, they need to practice more.

What should you do to be a doctor?

ou must wok hard in chemiserie, physicienne,maths an biologie

What courses do you need to take to be an astronaut?

You need science maths and you must be a jet pilot.

Does music involve maths?

Yes. For example, you must add up the beats in a bar

Which practice or practise is which?

practiceActually,Practice is a noun. Practise is a verb.Ie.You must go to the medical practice.You must practise.

How do you create a super maths world login?

u must contact Phil May the author of super maths world. Go to super maths world then go to "About"and click subscribe where u have to pay!! Hope i helped xx

How many hours of supervised driving practice must a provisional license applicant receive prior to receiving a provisional license?

One must complete 50 hours of supervised driving practice for an applicant to get a provisional license. 10 hours must be night driving and 6 hours of professional driver training.

Can lawyers practice without passing the bar?

No, in order to practice the bar-exam must be passed.

Is licensure certification or registration required to be a vet?

A person must be licensed to practice veterinary medicine, just as an MD must be licensed to practice medicine on humans.

If 210 freshmen enrolls in an algebra class and if a class cannot have more than 40 students how many classes must be created?

6 classes