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Surfaces, noun, hmm. A noun thought or spoken has no surfaces; a noun on a page (printed or virtual) has one surface, the 'surface' that can be seen; a three dimensional noun, such as a sign or an art form can have as many surfaces as the letters of the noun or the artist endows it, an unknown number of surfaces.

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Q: How many surfaces does a noun have?
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Is pick axe a noun?

Yes, the word 'pickaxe' (or pickax) is a noun, a joined, compound noun; a word for a tool used for breaking up hard surfaces.

How many flat and curved surfaces does a cuboid have?

Flat surfaces: 6Curved surfaces: 0.

How many surfaces does a cube have?

a cube has 6 surfaces.

How many surfaces does a triangular prism have?

5 surfaces

How many flat surfaces does a pyrmaid have?

5 flat surfaces.

How many surfaces does an pentagonal prism have?

It has 7 surfaces/faces

How many curved surfaces and flat surfaces does a pyramid have?


What is the plural possessive noun of paths?

The plural possessive for the noun path is paths'. Example: All of the paths' surfaces were either rough or muddy.

How many flat surfaces are in a triangle prism?

There are 5 flat surfaces.

How many flat surfaces and curved surfaces does a cone have?

One of each

How many plane surfaces are there in a cylinder?

there are three plane surfaces of cylinder

How many surfaces on a rectangular prism?

The rectangular prism has 6 surfaces

Is the statement One of the most unique pressing surfaces available grammatically correct?

No. "One of the most unique pressing surfaces..." is a correct noun phrase, a group of words (without a verb) based on a noun. The noun in the phrase is 'surfaces'.A noun phrase functions as a noun as the subject of a sentence or a clause and as the object of a verb or a preposition.However the phrase "most unique" is grammatically and symantically incorrect. The word "unique" means "one of a kind." It is impossible for something that is unique (one of a kind) to be more one of a kind, or more unique, than something else. Consequently it is impossible for anything to be "the most unique."An equivalent but grammatically correct phrase might be "one of the most distinctive pressing surfaces..."

Is corner a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'corner' is a common noun; a general word for the position at which two lines, surfaces, or edges meet and form an angle; an angular space enclosed by two sides.The word 'corner' also functions as a verb (corner, corners, cornering, cornered) and an adjective.

How many curved surfaces does a cuboid have?

None. A cuboid has six flat surfaces.

How many flat surfaces of rectangular prism?

It has 6 faces which are its flat surfaces.

How many Flat surfaces and curved does a piece of paper have?

2 flat surfaces unless it is rolled up in which case it has 2 curved surfaces.

How many flat surfaces has a cuboid got?

A cuboid has got six flat surfaces.

How many flat surfaces and curved surfaces does a cylinder have?

2 flat and 1 curved

How many flat surfaces does cuboid have?

A cuboid has 6 sides/faces/flat surfaces.

How many flat surfaces does a triangle pyramid has?

5 Flat surfaces 4 flat surfaces (3 for the sides and 1 for the base).

Earths surfaces are also affected by many types of?

Earth's surfaces are affected by many types of movements and changes. The main effect on earth surfaces is caused by the movement of plate tectonics below the surface of the earth.

How many number of flat surfaces does a cylinder have?

A cylinder has 2 opposite parallel flat surfaces.

How many flat surfaces cylinder?

There are 2 flat surfaces, both are circles.

How many surfaces do a cube have?

A cube has 6 square surfaces, 12 edges and 8 vertices