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There are 78.7 tens in the number 787

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Q: How many tens all in the number 787?
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There are 209/10 = 20.9 of them.

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It all depends where you are rounding the number to. (ones, tens, hundreds etc.)

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Round to nearest tens place 815?

In the decimal numbering system, the digits are each in a place that indicates their value. The number 815 has: * an 8 in the place indicating the number of hundreds, * a 1 in the place indicating the number of tens, * a 5 in the place indicating the number of ones. To "round to the nearest tens place" means to round the value of the places below the tens. In the number 815, this is only the digit 5. In a commonly used rounding system, all digits below 5 are rounded down to 0, and all digits above and including 5 are rounded up to the next place. 815 therefore rounds to 820. (814 would round to 810.)

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How do you write a number that has a 3 in the hundreds place a 6 in the thousands place and a 5 in the hundreds thousands place?

Remember you have Tens of Thousands, Tens, and Units all as 0's the number you describe is "Five Hundred and Six Thousand, Three Hundred" 506,300 Biggest numbers come first:-

What number has 5 hundreds 3 tens and 2 ones?

That is basically asking what number goes 5-3-2. This is because 5 hundreds means 5 in the hundreds place, or 500. 3 tens is just saying 3 in the tens place, or 30. And 2 in the ones place is just says 2. Add them all together... 500+30+2=532

How many tens are there in 50 thousands?

to all sexi girls i love you

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How can a number line number help you round?

I dont really think it does...but here is a way to look at those kinds of problems. Problem: Round 285 to the nearest tens. Work: Look at the tens place. The 8 is in the tens place, correct? Yes. Underline it. Then draw a little arrow underneath the underline to the 5, which is the number to the right of the 8. Look at that number. Is it 5 or over? Yes it is. Round up one. This means make the 8 a 9, and then all the rest of the numbers will become a 0. Answer: 290

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The question cannot be answered. All that I know about your number is that is has at least 4 digits. Your number could be a hundred digits long - I have no way of knowing.

How many integers have a two in the ones and tens place between 0 and 60?

Only one number between 0 and 60 has a two in the ones and tens place, and it's 22. However, if you are looking for all the numbers between 0 and 60 that have a two in EITHER the ones OR tens place, they are 2, 12, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32, 42, and 52.

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