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Three tenths.

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Q: How many tenths are there in three tenths?
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How many tenths in three and three tenths?


How many hundreds in three tenths?

Three tenths = thirty hundredths.

How many tenths are there in three quarters?

Three quarters is equal to seven and a half tenths.

How many tenths can three oranges be cut into?

Three oranges can be cut into 30 tenths.

How many halves are in three and five tenths?

Number of halves in three and five tenths is 7

What is three and five tenths divided three and four tenths?

Three and five tenths divided by three and four tenths is 1.0294.

How many tenths in three and three fifths?

Sixty six.

How many half's are in three five tenths?

3 halves are in 3 five tenths.

How many one tenths are there in three?


How many one tenths are in three?


How many tenths in three and a half?


How many three-tenths are in 6?


How do you write 0.30 in words?

Three tenths.

How many minutes are three tenths of an hour?

since a tenth of an hour is six minutes, three tenths equals 18 minutes.

How many threes are in 10?

Three and three-tenths.

How many sixths would equal five-tenths?

five-tenths = 1/2 therefore, three-sixths = five-tenths

What is three tenths of a thousand?

Three tenths of a thousand is 300.

What is bigger one eighth or three tenths?

three tenths

What is three-tenths of a cent?

Three tenths of a cent is $.003

What is three tenths in decimals form?

Three tenths = 0.3

How do you write three tenths and eight tenths?

three tenths is 3/10 eight tenths is 8/10

How many thousands of years ago is .3 million years?

.3 is the same as three tenths. Three tenths of one million is three hundred thousand years.

How many ounces is three tenths of a liter?


How many ml are there in three tenths of a liter?


How many fifths are there in six tenths?

Three of them.

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