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As there are 5 in each box to get the number of things in 6 boxes u should multiply

5 times 6=30

so in total there are 30

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There are 3 boxes in each of the box there are another 3 boxes and in each of the last box there are another 3 boxes how many boxes are there?


If you have 42 boxes of juice with 6 packs in each box how many packs do you have?

42 boxes x 6 packs/box = 252 packs

How many boxes of copper pennys make a ton?

The answer depends on how many pennies are in each box.

Each case of cookies at a baking company has 27 boxes each box contains 9 cookies how many cookies are in each case?

27 boxes X 9 cookies per box = 243 cookies in a case.

Each box holds 6 cakes how many boxes can be filled from 240 cakes?

40 boxes. 240/6 = 40

If I had to pack 4509 cassettes into boxes and each box holds 12 how many boxes will I fill?

4509 divided by 12 = 375.75 or 375 boxes one box only three quarters full. So you would use 376 boxes.

How many shoe boxes fit in a 20 foot container?

20ish. each box is about a foot long. How wide is the box?

How many crayons would be in 1000 boxes if each box contained 48 crayons?


How many pencils are there in ten boxes if each box holds two dozen pencils?


How many crayons are in 10 boxes if each box contains 48 crayons?


How many boxes of 18x18 carpet tiles do you need for 630 sq feet?

Depends on how many are in each box?

How many number should the activation code in membership each box?

Well apperantly each box must have 4 numbers there is 4 boxes you have to write 16 numbers!

How many boxes are there in the periodic table?

There are 118 elements known and hence there are 118 boxes in the modern periodic table. Each box represent a given element.

How do you serparate 9 Marbles into 4 Boxes All nine marbles must be used and each box must have an odd number of marbles?

Illogical. Cannot be done without modifying marble or box. 3 marbles in 3 boxes. One marble in each box overlaps a fourth box, therefore each box has 3 marbles in it. or: 3 marbles in 3 boxes. A fourth box is drawn around the 3 boxes. or: four boxes with overlapping corners, place all nine marbles in the overlap area.

How many box in a squre box?

4-8 boxes in a square box!

There are 144 boxes in a crate. each box holds 72 many bulbs are in a crate?


How many boxes will you need if you need 32 eggs if each box holds 6 eggs?


Inside each of three separate equal size boxes are two separate small boxes and inside each of the small boxes there are four even smaller boxes how many boxes are there altogether?

there are 33 boxes because if you count 3 that's 3. then the 2 boxes inside each big box that's 6 small boxes. and that makes 9 boxes. then you have 4 even smaller boxes. 4 multiplied by six makes 24. then you add 9 plus 24 and get 33.

What are the questionnaire box things called?

The questionnaire boxes are often referred to as ballot boxes. Ballot boxes are commonly used when voting comes into play.

What are the elements in the box in the periodic table?

What box? The entir table is a box of many boxes.

What is the answer to the question, There are 5 bottles of vitamins in each box of vitamins. Each bottle of vitamins has 40 vitamins. if the clinic wants to have a supply of 1,200 vitamins which I'm the clinic, how many more boxes should they order?

6 boxes

There is a box now in this box there is 43 smaller boxes in those boxes there are 29 smaller boxes And in those boxes are 15 pencils how many pencils per box how do i figure it out?

15 pencils, but if specified otherwise then its 29 x 15.

Sold 114 boxes with 14 in each box haw many cookies did she sell?

114 x 14 = 1596

How many cups of chex cereal in a 12 oz box?

For ~14 oz boxes, there are about 6 cups/box for wheat, and 12-13 cups/box for rice and corn. 2 boxes of wheat and 1 box each of the others will make you 4 big batches of chex mix.

288 pencils in 36 boxes?

288 pencils in 36 boxes, would mean 8 pencils in each box. If you had 288 pencils in each of 36 boxes, you would a total of 10,368 pencils.