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A 30 m by 30 m square. Each of the tiles is 20 cm by 20 cm [20 cm = 0.20 m]. So 30 m / 0.20 m = 150. So you need 150 x 150 = 22500 tiles

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Q: How many tiles of 20 cm square for 30 m square?
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How many tiles of 60 cm square for 30 m square?

150 tiles

How many square vinyl tiles 20 cm on a side are needed to cover a floor 6m by 5m?

Lets do length and width in terms of tiles. The length is 6m/0.2m/tile 30 tiles and the width is 5m/0.2m/tile 25 tiles. Then the area is l X w 30 tiles X 25 tiles 750 square tiles. Since each tile is square, 750 tiles.

How many 10 x 12 tiles make a square?


How many 6 x 20 tiles do you need to cover 30 square feet?

A quarter of one tile (6 ft * 20 ft) will be sufficient!

How many 6 inch square tiles for 30 square feet?

The answer depends on the shape of the 30 square feet area. If it is in the form of a strip that is 5 inches wide and 72 feet long and you don't want mosaics with little offcuts, then you will require 144 tiles.

How many square feet do 30 12 x 12 tiles cover?

Assuming that 12 x 12 is 12" x 12" (one square foot), then 30 one-square-foot tiles would cover 30 square feet.

How many 12 inch tiles to cover 30 square foot room?

12 inches = 1 foot Thus the tiles would be 1 foot square. You therefore need 30 to cover a 30 square foot room.

How many square feet do 30 12 x 24 tiles cover?


How many 3 inch tiles will it take to cover 30 square feet?


How many three inch tiles can you fit on a floor that is six feet by five feet?

120 tiles because the area of the floor is 30 square feet. If you can fit four tiles into one square foot then you could fit 120 tiles in 60 square feet.

How many 30 mm x 30 mm tiles in a square meter?

Area of each tile = 30*30 = 900 mm2. Area to be covered = 1000*1000 = 1,000,000 mm2 So, number of tiles required = 1,000,000/900 = 1111.11... tiles.

How many tiles do you need to make a 18 X 20 floor with 3 X 4 tiles?

18x20 = 3603x4 = 12360/12 = 30 tiles for the floor :)

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