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The area of a rectangle that measures 12-ft by 16-ft is never equal to a square foot.

It's always equal to 192 of them.

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Q: How many time is 12 by 16 square foot equal to a square foot?
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How many square inches are contained in an area of one square foot?

144 inches in one square foot. Since it is a square foot you would take 12 inches time 12 inches to get 144.

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9 is 1/8 of a time bigger than 8.

How many time would a 18x18 inch square go into a 154 foot square area?

18 x 18 inch square is equal to 3/2 x 3/2 foot square = 9/4 square foot. To cover 154 foot square (you don't mean 154 square feet) is (154 x 154) / (9/4) = (154 x 154 x 4) / 9 = 10540.44, so you will need 10541 tiles

How many times bigger is a 9 square foot flower bed then and 8 square foot flowerbed?

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12 time 12 inches = 1 square foot (as there are 12 inches in a foot) 10 times 8 feet = 80 square feet 80 square feet divided by 1 square foot = 80 pavers.

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A meter is several times as long as a foot. Thus a square meter is several time as large as a square foot.

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Bids are not figured by the square foot They are done by the # of fixtures or by figuring time and materials needed.

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