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Q: How many times do the number of times eye muscles move in one day?
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How many muscles does a jaguar use to move?

It uses thousands of muscles

How many muscles does it take to move your leg?

It takes many muscles to move the leg. It takes about 200 muscles just to walk at an average pace. Forty muscles are needed at a time to help pick up their legs.

What muscles are inside many internal organs?

There are a number of muscles found in the walls of many internal organs. The common ones include smooth muscles and involuntary muscles among others.

What is an example of a skeletal muscle that does not move bone?

Many muscles in the face (for example muscles that move the lips and eyelids) are skeletal muscle but do not move bones.

What are the bones that move muscles called?

All muscles can move, but only skeletal muscles are voluntary. The cardiac and the smooth muscles cannot be moved by your will, but skeletal muscles can be.

How many times did the Isrealites move around in the desert?

Not a specific number of times....they were in the desert for 40 years.

How many muscles are needed to move a eyebrow?


What type of activity is testing the ability of your muscles to move for long period of times?

Endurance activity A+

Which muscles help you move when you want?

The muscles that help you move when you want to are called voluntary muscles.

What is the name for muscles that you cannot move?

Actually you can move all your muscles, but the name for the ones you move involuntarily are called involuntary muscles.

Would you find a skeletal muscle in your leg?

You would find many. Skeletal muscles are the voluntary muscles that help move parts of our body. Since you move your legs to walk, you must have skeletal muscles to do that.

Which muscles help you move when you want to move?

Skeletal muscles help you when you want to move. Skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles that you can control.