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It bounces 134 times before it stops.

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Q: How many times does a tennis ball bounce before it stops bouncing from different heights?
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What is the world record for bouncing the ball in the air?

How high you can bounce it or how long you can keep on bouncing?

What is a palindrome for 'bouncing in water'?

bob (to bounce in water)

What is the control in this project-you are heating a ball and measuring how high it bounces then freezing the ball and bouncing it?

bouncing the ball at room temperature, before heating or freezing it, and then measuring the height of the bounce.

Why does the bouncing ball inside the net does not bounce?

it doesn't bounce in the net because I said so

When i look at her my heart bounce bounce and thumps?

If your heart is bouncing and thumping, maybe you like the girl.

How do you stop bouncing on the trampoline in a controlled way?

check bounce

How do you make an egg bounce safely?

make sure when bouncing the egg to bounce it from at least a few inches

Do ocean waves bounce?

Waving and bouncing are two different medium. The deeper the water the faster the waves travel, and yes the ocean waves can bounce if the waves hit anything such as rocks.

Does temperature affect the bounce of a rubber ball?

Temperature does not affect the bounce of a rubber ball. Let's say you bounce a rubber ball on the grass. The result will be different then bouncing a rubber ball on a concrete surface. The result is different because you are using a solid, hard surface to bounce the ball with. But the temperature will not affect the bounce of a rubber ball. you can test it out for youself.

How fast does a tennis ball lose its bounce?

Depends what surface your bouncing it on

When light rays bounce off an object the bouncing is called?


The effect of surface on bouncing balls?

The harder the surface the longer the bounce.

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