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Q: How many times does half go into five over ten?
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How many twos go into five?

2 goes into 5 two and a half times 2 times with one left over

What is one half two over 3 divided by three over four minus four over five times five over six?


What does a half times twenty five in a fraction equal?

the answer is 12.5 over 25 your welcome

How many months is 170 days?

Just over five and a half months.

How many times does five go into 23?

4 times, with 3 left over.

What is five times over 3?

The answer depends on five times WHAT?

How many times does 39 go into 215?

5 times, with 20 left over.

What is 5 times 4 plus 5 over 5?

Five times four is twenty. Twenty plus five is twenty-five. Twenty-five over five is five. The answer is five.

How do you write over half in decimal?

"over half" is the same as two times.

What is one and half times five over four?

1 1/2 x 5/4 is 1 7/8

How many times will 5 fit into 91?

Five will go into 91 eighteen times with 1 left over

What mixed number is half of forty-five?

1 57 over 9

What is 5 divided by one half?

If you are asking what half of five is, the "technical" way is "five times one half," which sounds weird, but one must use the opposite mathemathical function of a mathematical function to get the right answer. half of five is 2 1/2. punch this into your calculator to get half of five: 5 x 0.5 = this is HALF OF FIVE. ................ However, when you repeat the same mathemetical function (you cannot divide the fraction in this case because a fraction is a form of division), it will multply your answer by the denominator. 5 / 0.5 = 10 these are not one in the same. this may be correct in a certain situation, but this answer is NOT half of five.

How many five twelths are in one half?

There are six twelfths in one half. That leaves room for one 5/12 with one twelfth left over.

Is the fraction 1 over 2 more than 3 over 5?

No, because one half is equal to 50% and three fifths is equal to 60%. This is because five times twenty is 100, (for one half, this is fifty times TWO) so then, if you multiply the denominator, you absolutely positively have to multiply the numerator. One half of five is 2.5, so, of course, 3 is larger than 2.5. Thus, 2/5 IS larger than one half.

How do you round four over five to the nearest half?

4/5 to the nearest half is 1.

How many times does 24 go into 134?

It can go in five times without going over or becoming a decimal, and 5.583 times exactly.

What is 1 over 40 as a percentage?

How many times does 40 go into 100? Two and a half times. So the percentage is 2.5%.

How many times over the last five years have you known about friends or family members stealing but you chose not to confront them?

0 times

How many laps in a twenty five meter pool is a half mile?

Just over 32 if I have done the right calculations

How many people in North America?

There are over half a billion people in all of North America. That's over five-hundred million (500,000,000) people!

What is Five over eleven times seven times seven?


Is five over six closer to one half or one?


What is twenty five over fifty in its simplest form?

One half, or one over two.

What is 5 over 6 times 4 over five?

two over three.