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100,000 times

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Q: How many times larger is the radius of the electron cloud than the radius of the nucleus?
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Related questions

How does the radius of the electron cloud compare to the radius of the nucleus?

It is about 100,000 times larger

What is a region in an atom where there is a high probability of finding electrons?

The electron cloud. The atomic radius roughly describes the distance from the nucleus to the electron cloud.

What is a sentence using the term electron cloud?

The electron cloud around the nucleus of an atom includes probable locations rather than precise orbitals.Atoms with larger atomic numbers have a larger electron cloud, or system of orbitals.

Where are the nucleus and the electron cloud?

nucleus is in the middle and the electron cloud is around it

Would Dalton have recognized the electron cloud model of a nucleus?

The electron cloud is not a model of the atomic nucleus. The electron cloud surrounds the atomic nucleus.

When an element forms a cation what happens to the radius and why?

The radius will decrease due to the positive charge of the nucleus drawing the electron cloud closer to itself

How does the mass of the nucleus compare to the mass of the electron cloud?

The nucleus is far more massive than the electron cloud. The mass of the electron cloud is almost negligible compared to that of the nucleus.

Is the electron found in the electron cloud or in the nucleus?


Why don't chemists define atomic radius of the electron cloud that surround a nucleus?

The atomic radius is defined: covalent, ionc, Van der Waals radius.

How can you use atom electron nucleus and electron cloud in the same sentence?

Electron in an atom is represented by electron cloud around the nucleus

What is krypton's atomic radius?

The element krypton's atomic radius is 189 pm. This is a measurement of its atom sizes or the distance between the electron cloud and the nucleus.

What type of space is there around nucleus?

The space around the nucleus of an atom is called the electron cloud. The electron cloud is the space in which the electrons of that atom travel. Compared to the nucleus, the electron cloud is enormous.

How does the size of the electron cloud of an atom compare with the size of the nucleus?

the average atom is 10,000 times larger in diameter than the nucleus

Which is larger a cation or anion?

Anions are Bigger, Cations are smaller.anions are negatively charged species because they have gained an extra electron, which is negatively charged. The more electrons an atom has the more the outer electrons are shielded from the pull that the positive nucleus has on them, therefore when an atom gains an electron the nucleus can not pull in a strongly and the resulting radius, specifically ionic radius is larger.cations have lost an electron and therefore do not have as many electrons to shield the outer shell electrons from the attraction of the nucleus, the electron cloud is pulled closer and they are smaller.

Which does not described the relationship between the nucleus and the electron cloud of an atom?

The masses of the nucleus and electron cloud are balanced

How many parts does an atom have?

Proton Neutron Electron Nucleus Electron Cloud/ Shells

Why is fluoride ion larger than the fluorine atom?

The addition of an electron in Fluorine atom makes it fluoride ion so no of electrons are higher than protons , the extra electron produces repulsive force in outermost shell and electrons move away from nucleus and hence radius of electronic cloud is larger than fluorine atom.

Region surrounding the nucleus which is occupied by electrons?

Electron cloud Electron cloud

Where is the electron cloud found?

The electron cloud is found around the nucleus of an atom.

Where is a electron cloud located?

The electron cloud in an atom is located outside of the nucleus.

What makes an element have a smaller atomic radius the further right on the periodic table you go?

the reason for this is because of the electromagnetic force, where opposite charges attract. The further right you go, the more electron and protons there are, therefore, because protons are in the nucleus (center) and electrons are in the electron cloud (outside the nucleus) the electron cloud is pulled towards the nucleus, making the atom smaller

Why the radius of an atom larger than the radius of a positive ion formed from it?

The attraction between the positive nucleus and the negative electrons cloud become lower so the ionic radius increase.

Where are the nucleus and electron cloud found in a atomic structure?

The nucleus is found at the center of the atom and the electron cloud is found orbiting the nucleus at fixed, quantified radii.

How are an atoms nucleus and its electron cloud different?

An atoms nucleus contains the proton and neutron while the electron cloud contains its electrons

what is non example of electron cloud?

The nucleus