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It all depends on the dimensions of the orifices circumference of the bell, multiply the radius times 2 divided by pie times the speed of sound divided by 20 decibels equals.

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Q: How many times should bell be rung?
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How many times was the bell rung for the Edmund Fitzgerald?

29 times

How was the Liberty Bell cracked?

It cracked because the bell was rung so many times, that it broke.

What is the passive voice ofring the bell?

The bell is rung. OR The bell was rung.

Who ring the bell . change it into passive voice?

By whom the bell rung

What is an altar bell?

An altar bell is a bell rung in the Roman Catholic church at significant times during the Mass.

How is the word rung used in a sentence?

Who rung the door bell, I rung his neck, I stepped on the ladder rung, Rung Forrest! Rung!

A bell is not a bell until you ring it?

until rung, a bell is just an inanimate object ie: the bell only tolls when rung

Is the Liberty Bell Still rung today?

No, it hasn't rung since 1843.

What is an angelus bell?

An angelus bell, in the Roman Catholic church, is a bell rung to show the time when the Angelus should be recited.

What kind of sentence is the bell rung four times after it stopped raining?

The example provided is a complex sentence because it contains one dependent clause (after it stopped raining) and one independent clause (The bell rung four times).

Has the warning bell rang yet is it rang or rung?


What do people hear when they hear the liberty bell?

People hear nothing because it is no longer rung. The Liberty Bell is an actual bell. It was last rung on February 23, 1846. It is cracked and can no longer be rung.

What is the passive voice of 'Ring the school bell'?

You are requested to ring the school bell

Why is the mandir bell rung?

A mandir bell is rung so that holy positive waves are spread through out the universe.

Why was the Liberty Bell first rung?

The bell was first rung to announce the opening of the First Continental Congress in 1774.

Use rung in a sentence?

the bell rung indicating that church has started.

A church has 10 bells in its bell tower Before each church service 3 bells are rung in sequence No bell is rung more than once How many sequences are there?


What is the past participle of ring?

RUNG Examples : "The bell was rung every morning."

Past tense of ring?

rung- I rung the door bell for 1 hr.

When was the Liberty Bell last rung?

The Liberty Bell was last rung on George Washington's birthday; February 22, 1846; and it was at this ringing that the crack on the bell widened, placing it permanently out of commission. Since then, the bell has not been rung; but is ceremoniously tapped, every July 4th.

How did they break the Liberty Bell?

The liberty bell was last rung on george washingtons birthday the bell cracked beacause of so many times it was glued back together the crack on the bell repersents liberty and the pursuit of happines we are very honor to have the liberty bell to this day...

What bell is rung on election of a pope?

Nearly every bell in nearly every church in Rome is rung when a new pope is announced.

What is an alarm-bell?

An alarm-bell is a bell which is rung to signal danger or emergency, or a bell which is rung at a pre-arranged time in order to mark a desired moment for performing an action such as waking up.

Why was the Liberty Bell rung?

Historians believe the Liberty Bell was rung to summon citizens to hear the first reading of the Declaration of Independence. The bell was in the tower of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

What was the most important time the Liberty Bell was rung?

the liberty bell was most importantly rung on July 4 to remind that slavery is free

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