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Over 9,000.

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Q: How many times would the moon fit into planet earth if it were hollow?
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How many planet Pluto can fit inside planet Earth if it was Hollow?

I think they said 11 or 12. More than 11 or 12, I should think. I remember from an episode of Tennessee Tuxedo that about 50 of Luna (earth's moon) would fit inside a hollow earth, and I think Pluto is smaller than earth's moon.

What would be the gravity in relatation to earth of a planet with 3.4 times the gravity on earth?

You already stated in the question that it has 3.4 times the gravity of Earth.

What planet is 4 times the size of earth?

The radius of Uranus is roughly 4 times the radius of Earth. However, in volume, it would be around 43=64 times larger than Earth. Hence, There is no planet in our solar system which is four times the size of the Earth.

How much would a 100 lb person weigh on a planet twice the mass of earth?

That would depend on the planet's radius. The strength of gravity depends on both the mass of the object in question and the distance from its center of mass. If the planet in question had the same radius as Earth, then the person would weigh 200 lbs as gravity would be twice as strong. If the planet had the same density as Earth it would have 1.26 times Earth's radius and gravity would be 1.26 times as strong and the person would weigh 126 lbs. If the planet had about 1.41 times Earth's radius then that person's would weight 100 lbs.

If something weighs 20 on earth how much would it weigh on Saturn?

1000,0000,00000,00000,00000,000000,00000 times as much you would weigh on planet earth

What planet is 700 times bigger than the Earth?

If you mean in diameter, I don't think there is such a planet. 700 times as big as the Earth would be about 7 times as large as our Sun.The question must mean "by volume". The answer then is Saturn.

If astronomers discovered a planet that had 8 times the radius of earth but was the same mass how would your weight on this planet compare to your weight on earth?

You would weigh 1/64 your weight on Earth. Gravitational acceleration is directly proportional to the mass of the object and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the center. On a planet 8 times Earth's radius you would be 8 times farther away from the center and 8^2=64.

Would it be possible to travel into the hollow earth from Antarctica via a hot air balloon?

The Earth is not hollow; so No.Were the Earth hollow, it might be difficult to control the buoyancy of the hot air balloon sufficiently to enter a hollow Earth at the poles.

Which other plantes could fit into Jupiter if it was hollow?

Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system, as such any other planet would fit within Jupiter if it was hollow.

Is mercury a small planet or a giant planet?

You could fit just under 18 of the planet mercury inside of the planet earth. Another way to say this would be: Mercury is 18 times smaller than earth.

Which planet has an air pressure 90 times greater than the pressure in earth?

That would be Venus.

How strong is the gravity on Gliese 581c?

If it is a rocky planet with a large iron core, Gliese 581c has a radius approximately 50% larger than that of Earth. Gravity on such a planet's surface would be approximately 2.24 times as strong as on Earth. If Gliese 581 c is an icy and/or watery planet, its radius would be less than 2 times that of Earth, even with a very large outer hydrosphere. Gravity on the surface of such an icy and/or watery planet would be at least 1.25 times as strong as on Earth.

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