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Q: How many tomatoes come in a box of 4 x 5?
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How many tomatoes equal 8 oz can?

4 tomatoes equals 8 oz

How many packets come in a box of Lipton tea?

The amount of packets that come in a box of Lipton tea depends on the size of the box one is buying. The amount of packets range from 4 to 12 in one box.

Each salad is made with 4 tomatoes how many tomatoes are needed to make 160 salads?


How many fresh tomatoes is equal to 28 ounce can?


How many cups juice in 1 pound of tomatoes?

1 pound of tomatoes could yield 2 cups of juice. This would also depend on the size of the tomatoes.

Do crushed tomatoes spoil within 4 hours?

yes because when it is crushed all the particlas come out and spoil

How many paste tomatoes do you need to make a qt?

A 1/2 bushel box of tomatoes weighs approximately 25 pounds. 25 pounds of Roma tomatoes produce approximately 11 liters of strained juice and pulp. This 11 liters will need to reduce down to about 4-5 liters to make tomato paste. 4 -1/2 liters equals 4.75 quarts. So to make 1 quart you need approximately 6-7 pounds of tomatoes.

How many pounds to peck of tomatoes?

A bushel of tomatoes is 60-62 lbs. (varied by type and size). A peck is 1/4 bushel or 2 dry gallons or 15-16 lbs. of tomatoes.

How many cups would 150 grams of tomatoes be?

That is approximately 3/4 cup

How many box in a squre box?

4-8 boxes in a square box!

Mrs Gardner went to the market She purchased some lettuce heads and some tomatoes There were 12 items purchased She bought twice as many tomatoes as lettuce heads?

8 for tomatoes and 4 lettuce heads

When does bleach box set 4 come out?

november 2 2009