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22' x 12' (264 square feet) = 29.33 square yards.

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Q: How many total yards with the dimensions of 22 feet high and 12 feet wide?
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A room is 24 feet lon 18 feet wide and 9 feet high How many square yards of wallpaper are needed to paper the four walls of the room?

There are 3 feet in each yard. Therefore, in yards the dimensions given are 8 yards long, 6 yards wide, and 3 yards high. Two of the four walls have dimensions of 8 X 3 yards and the other two have dimensions of 6 X 3 yards. Therefore, the total wall area in square yards is (2 X 8 X 3) + (2 X 6 X 3) = 84 square yards.

What is the volume in cubic yards of a cylinder 38 feet in diameter and 84 feet high?

There are three feet in one yard so you must first convert the dimensions to yards. The diameter would be 12 2/3 yards and the height would be 28 yards. V= 14, 106.27 cubic yards

How many yards higher is 328 yards from 450 feet high?

Convert the yards to feet. 328 yards is 984 feet. Subtract the feet. 984-450=534. Reconvert to yards. 534/3=178 yards.

How large is a high school football field?

The size of a high school football field is the same as that of college and the pros. Since there are 100 yards in a field, we can concede that the length is 100 feet. Also, the end zones are each 10 yards deep, so the total length is 360 feet. The width of the field is 53 1/3 yards, or 160 feet. Conclusion: Length: 120 yards or 360 feet. Width: 53 1/3 yards or 160 feet.

The height of niagara falls is 182 feet How many yards high is it?

60.6 yards high.

How do you calculate the volume of a cylinder 20 feet high and 14 feet high?

With difficulty unless other dimensions are given.

What is 100 feet high?

1,200 inches 33.33 yards

How many square yards is a office if it is 5 yards wide and 8.3 yards long and 16 feet high?

The height is not relevant. The office has a floor space of 41.5 square yards.

How many yards are in 6 feet wide and 4 feet high?

6 feet by 4 feet is 24 square feet. There are 9 square feet in a square yard, so 24 square feet is 2 and 2/3 square yards (2.666 square yards).

What are the typical dimensions of a high school wrestling room?

Forty Four feet by forty four feet.

How many yards in a wall that is 10 feet high and 27 feet long?

9 yrds

How many yards tall is bald head island old baldy?

About 36.66 yards, or 110 feet high.