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Q: How many types of intervals are there?
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What type of fitness does a badminton player need?

Run many intervals, helps trust me! Short interval, long interval and middle interval :D 3 types of intervals.

What is the distance in numbers between two notes on a stave called?

The distance between one note and another is called an interval. There are various types of interval, including major intervals, minor intervals, perfect intervals, diminished intervals and augmented intervals.

How many intervals in fear 2?

There are 7 intervals in FEAR 2

How many 35 second intervals are there in 20 minutes?

Approximately 34.3 35-second intervals.

What are 4 different types of intervals that can be found on a number line?

It depends on what you want to show on the number lines. You could do it in Hundredths, Ones, Twenties or even Millions. There is an unlimited number of intervals you can use.

What dose frequently mean?

Many times at short intervals

How do you do equal intervals?

if you want to split a number into equal intervals, start with a number 100 meters. Now find how how many intervals you want 4 intervals Then divide your number by the number of intervals. 100/4 = 25 meters per interval. So you would need to space each interval 25 meters apart if you wanted four of them in a 100 meter space Happy splitting up into intervals, -Jp

Types of motion?

The types of motion include linear motion (movement in a straight line), rotational motion (movement around an axis), and oscillatory motion (repetitive back-and-forth movement). Other types of motion include circular motion, periodic motion, and translational motion.

Would the data be better displayed on a histogram minute intervals or minute intervals?

Perhaps minute intervals might be better than minute intervals.

At what intervals can you schedule backups?

For what intervals can you schedule backups?

Do rr intervals shorten during intervals?

what the heck is that

What part of speech is the word intervals?

Intervals is a noun.