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Q: How many units for one kilowatt?
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One kilowatt-hour is equivalent to how many British thermal units?

3.8 x 10(9) BTU

How many joules are equivalent to one kilowatt per hour?

The energy 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) is 3600000 joules.AnswerThere is no such thing as a 'kilowatt per hour'. You probably mean 'kilowatt hour'?

One kilowatt is how many horsepower?

1kW is 1.341hp

How many btu in One resistive kilowatt hour?


When electricity is sold to a customer what are the units of the sale?

In North America it is kilowatt/hour. A kilowatt is 1000 watts. To find out how much your utility company charges you per kilowatt/hour, look on your utility bill. On my bill it is .08 cents for every kilowatt/hour that I consume.

A generator producing 1 MW will sell how many units of electricity?

1 MW is 1000 kilowatts, so in 1 Hour it will sell 1000 units (taking a unit as 1 kilowatt hour)

How many kilowatt hours are produced by 1 megawatt?

These units do not have a direct relationship. Imagine kilowatt hours as the equivalent of work done, and megawatts (or kilowatts) as the equivalent of effort.To answer your question: 1 megawatt 'produces' 1000 kilowatts per hour.

How many kilowatt-hour are in a therm?

The therm (symbol thm) is a non-SI unit of heat energy equal to 100,000 British thermal units (BTU).The therm is equal to about 105.5 megajoules, 25,200 kilocalories or 29.3 kilowatt-hours.

There are two units for energy What are they?

There are many more than two units in common use for energy. Some of them are: -- newton-meter -- joule -- foot-pound -- calorie -- watt-second -- kilowatt-hour -- horsepower-hour

How many kilowatt-hours to pump one acre foot of water?


How many Watts Peak is one Kilo Watt of energy?

One kilowatt is 1000 Watts.

How many watts are there ina kilowatt?

Kilo means thousand. There are 1000 watts in a kilowatt.