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Q: How many units in 28 percent of nitrogen fertilizer?
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How many gallons are in 1 ton of 32 percent nitrogen fertilizer?


How many units of nitrogen in a gallon of 32 percent liquid?

3.56 pounds of N/gal of 32%

How many units of nitrogen in 217 pounds of urea?

Assuming the urea has the normal grade of 46% nitrogen, it has a total of 100 pounds, or units, of nitrogen.

How Many Kinds of Fertilizers Do You Know?

There are about seven kinds of fertilizers:Organic Fertilizer,Inorganic Fertilizer,Nitrogen-Based Fertilizer, Phosphorus-Based,Fertilizer,Potassium-Based Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizers and Solid Fertilizers. Whirlston fertilizer machines can make most of them.

How many percent of nitrogen in the air?

87% of nitrogen is in the air

If Nitrogen is 78 percent of air then how many percent of o2 in the air?


How many percent is nitrogen composition in the air?


You have 50 lb bag of fertilizer with analysis of 30-10-5 how many lbs of nitrogen in bag?


If Dry air is 78 percent nitrogen by volume how many liters of nitrogen are in 500L?

390 liters

How many units of nitrogen are there in 28-0-0 per gallon?


How many people use fertilizer?

Everyone has probably used fertilizer at least once and almost 80 percent uses it constantly for optimum results in their garden.

How many pounds of actual nitrogen would you get in a 100 pound mix of 27-9-18 fertilizer?

lets see now: 30% of a gallon is about 1.2 liters of N2 assuming 1.2 liters to be 1.2 kg of nitrogen, then you need to find out what you mean by unit, we work with kg/donam but each manual works with different units like lbs/acre. ok?