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Q: How many ways are there to make the number sixteen using exponents?
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Can you get zero using exponents?

No. Even a number with an exponent of zero equals one. There is no way an exponent on a number will make it zero.

How can you make 50 using exponents?


What is the smallest number you can make with four two's?

If your using exponents, brackets and numbers with 2's as their digits; then it would have to be:222 (squared) = 49284This is the lowest number you can get to using four 2's and exponents.BUT if your using operations like +, -, x, etc. then:(2-2) + (2-2) = 0would be more suited, as 0 is the lowest number.You can mix and match all you want with this one, but 0 has to be your answer)

What is the largest number you can make using each of the digits 7 1 0 2 and 9 just once?

I guess the expected answer is 97210. Using factorials and exponents very much greater number can be obtained. For example, 97210 is a number with 6880 digits. And that is without using factorials.

How can you make exponents of 86 but using your prime factorization tree?

The prime factors of 86 are 2 and 43

Numbers Expressed using exponents-?

Numbers can be expressed in scientific notation using exponents of 10

How do you make a little number as in exponents on the keyboard?

Utilize the Character Map that's located in "System Tools" in the "Accessories" folder in Windows.There you can find number, symbols, etc. that you can insert to your document by copying and pasting or using the Alt key along with the number code.

How do you make exponents using your keyboard?

Use the ^ key, word or pages should convert it automatically. example: 2x^3

How do you simplify using exponents For 4 to the 4th power To the 5th power?

You can make it 4 to the 9th power and you will still get the same answer.

What are numbers that make up a factor tree for the number sixteen?

16 8,2 4,2,2 2,2,2,2

What year did Browning make sweet sixteen 16 gauge serial number 69s91410?


What is the largest number you can make from the digits 2 6 and 4?

The largest number you could make with ONLY the digits 2, 6, and 4, assuming the use of exponents, is 2 to the power of 4 to the power of 6 = 2^(4^(6)) = 24096 this equals 1.044 X 101233 Without the use of exponents or additional symbols, the largest number you could make would of course be 642.

You have sixteen yellow beans 20 red beans and 24 orange beans to make identical bracelets what is the greatest number of bracelets that you can make using all the beans?

If you have 60 beads, you can make 3 bracelets with 20 beads each and all of the beads will be used.

What year did American guns make the sixteen gauge model number 87165?

No sn data available

How can you make 25.45 using the least number of bills and coins?

How can you make $25.45 using the least number of bills and coins?

When adding variables with exponents do you add or subtract the exponents?

When adding variables with exponents, you do neither. You only add the exponents if #1 The variables are the same character (such as they are both "a") #2 You are multiplying the variables (NOT ADDING, SUBTRACTING, OR DIVIDING) Using a simple concrete case may make this clearer: 10+2 times 10+3 equals 10+5 ( 100 times 1000 equals 100,000).

How do you make exponents on Keynote?

control + apple + "+"

Where are exponents used?

Exponents are used to make the problem smaller and make the number that's being multiply smaller example 5*5*5*5*5*5 i mean how would you like to write that out it a pain so it make it easier you would 5 to the 7 power see how easy that is.

How to make exponents on a computer?

You make an exponent by pressing shift and the number 6 to get ^, so for example if you had 5x to the 8th power it would look like 5x^8

How do you make a decimal into a negative exponent?

You look at the denominator first. Then you try to find out what exponents make the denominator. After doing that, you add a negative symbol to the smaller number on the exponent.

How many number of flip flops are required to get a 16 bit counter?

Sixteen. One bit per flip flop. A flip flop can represent only a true or a false. You need sixteen of these (1's and 0's) to make sixteen bits.

What difference do parentheses make when using exponents?

It means you do it in a different order - e.g: 6×72 = 6×49 = 294 (6×7)2 = 422 = 1764

How can you make a total of 1000 by using sixteen 4s?

444 444 44 44 4 4 4 4 4 + 4 ---------- 1000

How does scientific notation make it easier to perform computations with very large or very small numbers?

In using scientific notation, you can use the number with the decimal to solve your problem and then factor in the power after the fact.

How do you get rid of negative exponents?

Negative exponents indicate that the number for which the exponent applies to should be placed under one. Ex: 2^(-3) also can be expressed as 1/(2^3) or 1/8. So, to eliminate the negative exponent, simply place the number (and the accompanying exponent) under one to make a fraction.