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15..... 1,1,5 1,2,4 1,3,3 1,4,2 1,5,1 2,1,4 2,2,3 2,3,2 2,4,1 3,1,3 3,2,2 3,3,1 4,1,2 4,2,1 5,1,1

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Q: How many ways can 3 six sided dice be thrown to equal 7?
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When a six-sided dice is thrown what is the probability of getting a 1?

A die, many dice. So when you say a six-sided dice, do you mean six-sided dice, and if so, how many of them? Or, do you mean only one six-sided die? In that case, assuming the ide is fair, the answer is 1/6.

How are dice thrown in games?

Dice can be thrown in games many different ways. Some games provide a dice cup that allows players to shake the dice and then toss them onto the table.

How many sports are on a six sided dice?


How many dots are on a six sided dice?

21 is the answer

How many vertice do the four sided dice have?

twenty three

How many edges does a four sided dice have?

It has six edges.

How many different possible outcomes are there when four 10 sided dice are rolled at the same time?

There are 104, or 10000 permutations of four 10 sided dice.

How many dots on a die?

There are many different shapes and sizes of dice. The typical die that you find in most board games has 6 sides and 6 numbers. There are also 6-sided dice that are made with only 3 options though, and there are 20 and 30 sided dice out there as well. There are also 4 sided dice, 8 sided, 10 sided, and 12 sided that are quite common. They have other (even odd) numbered dice, and other types of dice with math symbols or pictures on them instead of numbers. Or letter dice for word games sometimes.

How many ways can you get a sum of 11 when 2 dice are thrown?

There are just two ways to get the value of 11 when dice are thrown. one would be a 5 and 6 and the other is a 6 and 5.

Two six-sided dice will be rolled The point total for each roll is equal to the sum of the two dice How many point totals are possible?

1+1 lowest, 6+6 highest so 12 - 2 = 10

What is the probability that if you roll the dice you'll get the number 100?

That depends on what kind of dice you are rolling and how many of them you roll. If you roll two 6-sided dice once, the probability of getting the number 100 is exactly zero. You cannot get a 100 on one roll of two 6-sided dice. Other dice and different numbers of them may yield different probabilities.

How many total combinations are possible if you roll two six sided dice?