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30 billion can be written as 3.00 × 1010

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Q: How many ways to write thirty billion as base exponent form?
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How do you find base and exponent?

When you write 53 , the whole thing is called a power. The 5 is the base, and the 3 is the exponent.

How do you write 625 using an exponent and a base?


How do you write 625 as an exponent with a base of 5?


What is the exponent and base for 262144?

The two are related. The answer could be base 2, exponent 18 or base 8, exponent 6 or base 10, exponent 5.4185 or base 262144, exponent 1 or base 68,719,476,736 and exponent 0.5

How do you Write the number 6 using an exponent and base 6?


Write function integerpower that return the value of base exponent?

write a scripting to return values in functions

What is the base of an exponent?

The base of an exponent is the main number. For example in 56 the number 5 is the base and 6 is the exponent.

What has a base and a exponent?

10x 10 is Base & x is exponent

Which number is the exponent and which is the base?

If you have ab then a is the base and b the exponent

What is the base and exponent of 4ยฒ?

4 is the base, 2 is the exponent.

How do you write 2.5 billion in base 10?


How do you write 216 using an exponent and a base of 6?

the answer is 6 cubed

What is the base and exponent of 121?

The base could be 11 and the exponent 2, giving 112 But, it could equally be base = 14641, and exponent = 0.5, or base = 10, and exponent = 2.082785 (approx)

What is the base and exponent of 104?

For 104 the base is 10 and the exponent is 4.

What is the base and exponent for 121?

You can choose the base to be any number (other than 0, -1 and 1) and calculate the appropriate exponent, or you can choose any exponent and calculate the appropriate base. For example, base 10: 121 = 10^2.08278537 (approx) Or exponent = 10: 121 = 1.615394266^10 (approx). I expect, though, that the answer that is required is 121 = 11^2.

Identify the base and exponent 7 base to the 3 power?

The base is 7 and the exponent is 3.

Identify the base and exponent -7 base to the 12 power?

Base -7 Exponent 12

Base and exponent for 6 with power of 5?

Base 6, exponent 5.

When there are 2 exponent question what do you do to the exponents if the base is different?

the base and the laws of exponent

What is base and exponent of 625?

You can define any base you like and calculate an appropriate exponent or, you can pick an exponent and calculate the base. So you can have base 25, with exponent 2 or base 5 and exonent 4 or base e (the base for natural logarithms) and exponent 6.437752 (to 6 dp) or base 10 and exponent 2.795880 (to 6 dp) or base 2 and exponent 9.287712 etc or base 8.54988 (to 3 dp) and exponent 3 or base 3.623898 (to 3 dp) and exponent 5 etc There is no need for the base to be an integer or even rational. Probably the most important bases in advanced mathematics is e, which is a transcendental number. Similarly, there is no need for the exponent to be an integer.

How do you write the number 625 using an exponent and base 5?


Is an exponent also called a base number?

No, an exponent is not called a base number. the base is the number before the exponent: 34. 3 is the base, 4 is the exponent the expont could also be refered to as three to the fourth power

What is a base and an exponent together called?

It's called a base and an exponent, smart one...

What is the base and exponent of 243?

The base and exponent form a pair. You can chose any positive base and that will determine the exponent.243 = 49^1.5 that is base = 49, exponent = 1.5)or 243 = 10^2.5353 (approx) or 243 = 7^3.

Identify the base and exponent in a expression if that exponent is 3 and base is 2?

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