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52 weeks in a year, plus you extra 6.

58 Weeks.

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Q: How many weeks are in one year and six weeks?
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What is Twenty six weeks on a year?

Twenty-six weeks is six months.

If your weeks were six days long how many weeks would be in a year?

60.875 (Apprx)

How many months are in six weeks?

4 weeks to one month, so one and a half months.

26 weeks is how many weeks?

Um ..... 26 weeks. There are 182 days in 26 weeks (about half a year or six months).

If you are 24 weeks pregnant are you six months?

26 weeks would be six months. There are 52 weeks in the year and half of that is the equivalent of six months.

How many weeks are between Jan1 and Sept 30?

1 Jan through 30 Sep is 39 weeks in an ordinary year and 39 weeks and one day in a leap year, so between 1 Jan and 30 Sep there are 38 weeks and five days in an ordinary year and 38 weeks and six days in a leap year.

How many months is twenty four weeks?

There are four weeks in one month. So the answer is six.

How many weeks is six months?

Hmmm......That's...That's should be 24 weeks ACTUALLY there are 26 weeks in six months ! There's 52 weeks in a year - divide that by 2 and you get 26 NOT 24 !

You are 26 weeks pregnant today how many months and days is this?

26 weeks is half a year, so that's six months.

How many working days in six weeks?

There are 30 working days in six weeks.

How many days holidays do nurses get per year in Ireland?

Six weeks and three days

How many weeks are in six months?

26 weeks.

How many weeks does it take to film ABC's The Bachelor?

It takes approximately six weeks to film one season of The Bachelor.

How many weeks up to September?

From July 18th, there are approximately six weeks until September. From the first of the year, there is thirty four weeks until the month of September begins.

What is twenty- six weeks out of two years as a fraction?

One year = 52 weeks + 1 or 2 days That is 1 year = approx 52 weeks. So 26 weeks/2 years = 26 weeks/104 weeks = 1/4

How many litter can a rabbit have per year?

Rabbits can breed every six weeks - so in one year it's possible for a female to have seven litters ! Litter size can be as few as 2 or 3... to as many as 14 !

What is one third of six weeks?

1/3 of 6 weeks is 2 weeks.

How many weeks was Michael Jackson's earth song number 1 in UK singles chart?

It was number one for six weeks.

How many weeks is 41.7 days?

41.7 days is about six weeks.

How many month is 29 weeks of pregnancy?

One month is equal to four and a third weeks, so 29 weeks equals about six and two thirds months.

How many months are in a half a year?

There are six months in one half of a year.

How long do you have to be working for a company to ask them for a reference What about six weeks?

Six weeks is nothing. A year or 6 months should give a decent reference.

What was the number 1 record in 1980?

The number one record for the year 1980 was "Call Me" by Blondie. It remained number one for six weeks between April and May of that year.

How many years are in 150 weeks?

3 years minus six weeks

How many weeks are in 90 days?

12 weeks & six days.