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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How many whole numbers are between the real number -4.72 and 6.9?
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How many numbers are there between 1032 and 1209?

There are infinitely many numbers between 1032 and 1209. Let me begin to explain my answer by presenting a modified version of the original question:"How many whole numbers are there between 1032 and 1209?"The answer? There are 76 whole numbers between 1032 and 1209.So, I would say there are two possibly-confusing things going on here. One of them is the distinction between "numbers" and "whole numbers"; and the other is the distinction between "the difference between two numbers" and "the number of numbers between two numbers.""Whole numbers" are the number 0, the number 1, and any number that is the sum of the number one added to itself, however many times. So, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on, are all whole numbers.There are infinitely many whole numbers (because there's no end to the numbers you can get by adding 1 to the preceding number), but the number of whole numbers between any two, non-negative numbers (not including Infinity) is always finite. Between 2 and 5, for example, there are two whole numbers: 3 and 4. Between 2 and 1,000,005 there are 1,000,002 whole numbers, which you can name by starting with the number 3, and counting up -- by ones -- to the number 1,000,004. That's the number you would stop with because we are naming (and counting) the whole numbers between 2 and 1,000,005.Between 1032 and 1209 there are 76 whole numbers. To get the number of whole numbers between two non-infinite, non-negative numbers, you take the difference of the two numbers (the smaller number subtracted from the larger number) and subtract 1. The difference between 2 and 5 is 3; and the number of whole numbers between 2 and 5 is 2 -- namely, 3 and 4. The difference between 1032 and 1209 is 77, and the number of whole numbers between them is 76.But when you ask about "numbers" instead of "whole numbers" you are including the infinitely many intervening numbers between any two whole numbers. There are even infinitely many intervening numbers between 0 and 1: 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 0.00230791502, 0.00000000000000000100000000010341010984050505326, and so on. Without the restriction to whole numbers, all the infinite divisions of the number 1 would have to be named and counted, if you wanted to say "how many numbers there are between" any two numbers starting with zero and up to any positive number other than infinity -- say, for example, between 1032 and 1209. So infinitely many numbers is how many numbers there are between 1032 and 1209.

What the number of whole numbers between the smallest whole number and the greatest 2digit number is?

There is no smallest whole number - negative numbers go on forever. Therefore, there are infinitely many whole numbers that are smaller than the greatest 2-digit number.

What number is between 3460 and 3660?

There are 200 whole numbers and many more fractional numbers that are between 3460 and 3660. The number that is halfway between them in 3560.

What decimal number comes before a whole number?

There is no such number because they are infinitely dense. Between any two numbers, there are infinitely many numbers. And between any two of them there are infinitely many.

How many whole number palindromes exist between 100 and 200?

There are ten such numbers.

How many numbers are in between 65 and 100?

Between 65 and 100, there are 34 other whole numbers plus an infinite number of decimals and mixed numbers.

Are no rational a whole number?

All whole numbers are rational so there are infinitely many rational numbers that are whole numbers.

Rational number between 50 and 70?

Yes, there are many rational numbers between 50 and 70. All whole numbers and fractions are rational.

How many whole numbers are there between 21 and 61?

there are 39 whole numbers between 21 and 61

How many whole numbers are there in all?

The sequence of whole numbers goes on and on and on - there is no last whole number. The set of whole numbers is thus infinite.

How many numbers between 0 and 1?

There is an infinite amount of rational numbers between 0 and 1, and a larger infinite number of decimals. However, there are no integers or whole numbers.

How many even whole numbers between 29 and 30?

None, unless you count the boundaries ... 30 is an even whole number.

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