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108 days is 108/7 weeks. 4 and 2/3 weeks is considered a work month. Therefore it works out to (108/7) / (14/3) = (108 x 3) / (7 x 14) = 324/98 = 3.306 months

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Q: How many working months in 108days?
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How many working days are in 6 months?

about 120

How many working months in a year?

Every month is a working month for most jobs. Teachers may work anywhere from 8 to 10 months depending on the school and level.

How many months is 150 working days?

150 working days, excluding Monday holidays, would be 30 weeks. This is approximately 7 months, using an average month of 30.4 days.

What is an Actor's working pattern?

An actor's working schedule is not typically consistent. They may work on one project for a few months and then not have any work for several months after that.

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Two moons usually means two months. The moon becomes full once per month (generally, or in rule of thumb terms)

What is the working age in Pennsylvania?

fouteen and nine months

If your only married for four months and its not working out what can you do?

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How many months is 140 working days?

The number of working days varies, depending on whether you work 5 or 6 days a week, and the number of holidays. Also, as you may already know, months come in different lengths. But I think that, assuming a 5-day week, 20 working days a month is a good approximation; you can base your calculations on that.

Can you buy a house after 6 months of working as a nurse?


What age do you have to be to be entitled to working tax credits?

8 months

Is it How many month or How many months in the year?

Months is plural when discussing the number. "How many months are in a year?"

How long can you work in Australia for on a working holiday visa?

3 months

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693 hours, 20 minutes... Assuming you work five days per week.

How many months are in 140 months?

140 months is 140 months BYE

How many months is 5 months pregnant?

... 5 months.

When your five months pregnant how many weeks are you?

when your five months pregnant how many weeks are you? when your five months pregnant how many weeks are you?

How many months are in 3.25 years?

How many months is 3.25 years

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How many days in 8 months

Do fedex grounds employee get airline discounts?

Yes. after working for 6 months.

How many months is one year and six months?

18 months

How many months is 3 years 11 months?

47 months.

How many months is one year and eight months?

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How many months are in 7 years and 5 months?

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