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At least 11.1 square yards of carpet will be needed for that area.

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Q: How many yard of carpet will be used for 10 feet by 10 feet room?
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What measurement is used for carpet?

Square feet is used for carpet.

How do i convert square feet to a percentage?

Percentages are used when comparing two things. I'll give you an example: You have a piece of carpet and a room to put it in, and you want to know what percentage of the floor the carpet will cover. The carpet is 100 square feet, and the room is 150 square feet. The formula is: (square footage of the carpet / square footage of the room) x 100 100/150 is .6667; multiply that by 100 to get 66.67 percent. If you want to carpet the room wall-to-wall, you need more carpet. OTOH, if you have a 200 square foot carpet and a 100 square foot room... (200/100) x 100 = the carpet is 200 percent of the size of the room, and you'll have to cut half of it off.

How many square yards of carpet for a room size of 11.9 x18?

The answer depends on the measurement unis used for the numbers given in the question. It should be obvious to everyone that the number of square yards for a room which is 11.9 feet by 18 feet will be different to one for a room which is 11.9 yards by 18 yards.

What is the metric unit used for measuring width of a room?

It's not in the US. We measure carpet and used square FEET. When you sell a house, you quote the size of the rooms in Square FEET. Don't understand the question. The width of a room is measured in metres.

Why is algebra useful?

Algebra is used, for instance, you want to carpet a room. the area of a rectangle is the length of the side times the width & if it's written in feet, i.e. a room 8' x 6' would be 48 sq feet. it would be called the square footage of that area (example: how many square feet of carpet do you need to cover the floor of a room). You would need 48 squares 1' x 1' to cover the area you use it to figure out miles/gallon and many, many more things on a daily basis

What unit is used to count carpet?

Carpet is typically measured and priced by the square yard (3 feet by 3 feet)

How many square feet equal 1 cubic foot?

There are no square feet in any cubic feet. Those two units are used for completely different things, and they don't convert to each other. "Square feet" tells you how much carpet you'd need to cover the floor of a room. "Cubic feet" tells you how much water you'd need to fill the room, floor to ceiling.

How many square feet in a rectangle 5.6 x 4 carpet?

The answer depends on the units used for 5.6 * 4

What is a coffee break carpet rule?

In some companies a mock carpet rule is used in order to remind colleagues not to discuss work in the tea room.

How many carpet tiles that are 2ftx2ft would I need for 210 sq feet?

If the 210 square ft area is a convenient shape, or if offcuts can be used to fill up odd parts then 53 tiles will suffice.

How many square feet in a 9 x 6 room?

It depends on the units used for 9 x 6. A 9 metre by 6 metres room is 581.3 sq feet approx.

How many square feet in a 8x14 room?

The answer depends on the dimensions used for 8 and 14. A room which is 8 ft * 14 feet will have a different area to one that is 8 metres * 14 metres.

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