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1/3 of a yard
There are three feet in a yard. By taking the inverse of that ratio, it can be seen that there is one-third of a yard in a foot.
Since there are three feet in a yard, there is 1/3 yard in a foot.
There are 3 feet in a yard, so 1/3 of a yard is in a foot.
1 foot = 0.333333333 yards
yards are longer than feet.

since a yard is 3 feet, 0.333333333 yards are in a foot

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Q: How many yards are there in 1 foot?
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3200 square foot equals how many yards

1 foot equals how many yards?

I foot equals .3333 yards.

How many yards are in 16 foot?

5 1/3 yards

How many yards and ft is 157feet?

52 yards, 1 foot

How many yards are in feet and inches?

Seven yards and 1 foot.

How many yards and feet are in feet?

Three feet in a yard, one third yard in a foot.

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1 yard = 3 foot 1500/3 = 500 yards

20 yards and 1 foot?

As there are 3 yards in 1 foot, 20 yards and 1 foot is 61 feet.

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1/3 of a yard is one foot

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10 cubic yards for every 1 foot of height.

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1 1/3