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A yard of dirt is 3ft x 3ft x 3ft, or 27 cubic ft. The hole you need to fill is 8ft x 4ft x 1ft, or 32 cubic ft. You'll need 32/27th yards of dirt, or about 1.19 yards of dirt. Call it a yard and a half if you want to account for settling.

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Q: How many yards dirt needed for 8 ft x 4 ft x 1 ft?
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How many yards of dirt needed to fill an area 14feet by 14feet by 1 foot?

27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yardVolume = (14-ft x 14-ft x 1-ft) = 196 cubic feet = 7.26 cubic yards (rounded)

How many yards of dirt do you need if you have 900 sq ft?

You need 100 cubic yards for every 3-ft deep you want to spread it.

How many yards of dirt do you need to fill a 300 ft x 140ft X12 Ft?

56,000 yds3

How many cubic yards of dirt will he have to hall away if the dimensions are 700 ft by 200 ft and the depth is 85 ft?

The volume of dirt to be hauled away is 85,000 cubic yards. Calculate the volume by converting the dimensions to yards (700 ft = 233.33 yd, 200 ft = 66.67 yd) then multiply the dimensions together (233.33 yd x 66.67 yd x 85 ft).

How many yards of dirt are needed to cover 256 Sq ft at 2 in deep?

A yard is 27 cubic feet Youare covering 256 x 2/12 = 42.67 cu ft So you need 42.67/27 = 1.6 yards

If you dig a one acre pond 20 ft deep how many yards of dirt will you get?

32,266 CY

How many yards of dirt in an area 30 ft x 60 ft x 2 ft?

Divide everything by 3.10x20x2/3= 400/3

How many yards dirt needed to fill a ft x ft x ft?

1 ft = 1/3 yd → 1 cu ft = 1 ft × 1 ft × 1 ft = 1/3 yd × 1/3 yd × 1/3 yd = 1/23 cu yd So work out the volume of your hole by multiplying the dimensions together (ft × ft × ft) and divide the result by 27 to get the volume in cu yards, ie: volume in cubic yards = (ft × ft × ft) ÷ 27

Will 6 yards of dirt cover 70 square feet of land?

6 cubic yards of dirt will cover 70 sq ft ... 2 ft 3 3/4 inches deep

How many square yards of carpet are needed to cover a floor 18 ft by 3 ft?

6 sq. yds

How do you calculate the amount of stone that is needed to cover 7000 sq ft of dirt with 4 inches of stone as measured in yards... I would guess they mean cubic yards?

Well, you would take the 7000 square feet of dirt and multiply it by the four inches of stone to get the 28000 cubic yards of stone. (28000 yds³)

How many yards of concrete are needed for a driveway that is 16' wide and 47' long and 4 thick?

16 ft * 47 ft * 4 inches =16/3 yards * 47/3 yards * 4/36 yards = 9.3 yards approx.