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every 2 years and 4 months

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Q: How many years do locus come out?
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How many alleles can occur at a microsatellite locus?

two alleles at one locus

How does polygenic trait differ from simple inheritance?

Polygenic traits are controlled by genes at more than one gene locus. Simple genetic inheritance is controlled by genes at a single gene locus.Many polygenic traits are poorly understood others are more straight forward.Color genetics in many mammals is polygenic, as control of the two base colors occurs at different gene loci. The A gene locus controls black (a) and Agouti A) and the E gene locus controls red coloration. E is not red and e is red.These two sites interact through epistasis/hypostasis where the E (extension) locus allows expression of the genetics at the A (agouti) locus only if the extension locus is Ee or EE. If both alleles at the E locus are e (as in ee) the animal will red no matter what the color genetics are at the A locus.The A color locus is hypostatic (suppressed by) the E color locus. The E locus is epistatic (suppresses the) to the A color locus expression.

What is the gene locus for patau syndrome?

1p36 is the locus for Patau Syndrome.

What is a locus scientific name?

What si the scientificc name for a locus

When was Locus Solus created?

Locus Solus was created in 1914.

What do you get when you combine Locus control and proactivity?

when you combine locus of control and proactivity you get

What is the plural form of the word locus?

Plural forn of locus is loci.

What is Locus Computing Corporation's population?

Locus Computing Corporation's population is 300.

When was Locus Computing Corporation created?

Locus Computing Corporation was created in 1982.

When did Locus Computing Corporation end?

Locus Computing Corporation ended in 1995.

How do you use locus in a sentence?

The locus of the search was the campground where the hikers had begun their outing.

Define Locus of control?

If you feel that you have control over your life, you have an internal locus of control. If, on the other hand, you feel that you are at the whims of fate, you have an external locus of control.

Is locus is center of circle or any point on circumference of circle?

The center isn't the locus, and a point on the circumference isn't the locus.The whole circumference of the circle is the locus.It's the locus of all points that have the same distance from the center of the circle.

How many years does does the Olympics come again?

after eight years

What is Root locus?

Loc is the root word of locus. This root word means place.

Genes at one locus that affect the expression of genes at a different locus are said to be?


What is the plural of locus?

The plural form of locus is loci.

Various molecular forms of a gene at a particular locus iscalled?

That locus is called an 'Allele'.

What is a polymorphic locus?

A locus that has the most common allele less than 95% of the time.

How are terms gene locus and allele related?

Gene locus is a specific location on an allele.

What is the meaning of the word locus?

The Latin word locus is equivalent to "place" in English language.

What is the locus point equidistant from two points AB that are 8 cm apart?

The locus point is the perpendicular bisector of AB. The locus point is the perpendicular bisector of AB.

What is the name given to genes that have more than two alleles?

Polymorphic locus or polymorphic gene. Many geneticists use the term locus (plr. loci) for a gene (i.e. section of a chromosome)

What is gene locus?

Gene locus is the exact location on a chromosome in the nucleus of the cell, where a gene is located.

What is the ISBN of Locus Solus?

The ISBN of Locus Solus is 978-1-84749-071-1.

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