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Q: How many years is 5 billon years?
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How many years are there in one billion days?

2,739,729.02739726 years in a billon days. :)

How many people have the name Javier?

about 5 billon

How many pools does the London aquatics centre contain?

5 billon

How many people will be watching the 60th jubilee of queen?

5 billon

How many species of microbes are there?

5 billon but 3 main ones

How tall is Jonathan Le Billon?

Jonathan Le Billon is 5' 11".

what is 5 billon x 1000000?


when will the sun expolde?

about 5.5 billon years from now

How old is Jonathan Le Billon?

Jonathan Le Billon is 30 years old (birthdate: September 20, 1980).

About when did the universe begin?

about 13.755 billon years ago

When will a new sun?

There will be a new sun in about 2 billion years or more because i think the sun is at least 3 billion years old and it can only grow up to be 5 billon years old

A billon seconds equals how many days or years?

1 billion seconds = 11,574.07 days or 31.7 years.

How Many Microsoft Windows is there?

1 billon

How old is the Han Dynasty?

5544116936235250 billon years old

How old is Quincy?

quincy is about 300 billon years old

How much school do you need to be farmer?

56 billon years

How long do you stay in the hospital after an asthma attack?

A billon years

How do you know that cynaobacteria 3.5 billon years?

because of fosssils

How many revolutions made since the formation of the earth 4.6 billon years ago?

4.6 billion/225 million=20.44 :)

How many millions is billon?


How long will humans live on earth?

another 3.4 billon years

How long has Mt Vesuvius been erupting?

about 5000,64 billon years

1 fact about the sun?

it is 4.5 billon years old :D

How many butterflies are in the world?

10 billon

How many mile is it from Kentucky to Asia?

a billon