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Q: How many years will it take A snail traveling at a speed of 0.013 meters per second 20.3 miles?
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What is the speed of a snail in miles per second?

1/1000 or .001 mps

What is the estimated speed for a snail?

Speed of a common Snail: Foot/second: 0.001 Km/hour: 0.003 Miles per hour: 0.004 or about one millimetre per second.

Snail can move approximately 0.30 meters per minute How many meters can the snail cover in 15 minutes?

Multiply 0.30 (meters/minute) by 15 (minutes) to get your answer. The "/minute" and "minutes" will cancel out when you do so, leaving your answer in meters.

If a snail moves 5 centimeters in 10 seconds how fast in meters per minute can a snail move?

The snail moves 0.3m per minute.

Is Snail A long A?

A "snail year" is 1.52 miles. A snail moving at a consistant pace travels 11 inches per hour.

How long is a snail?

A "snail year" is 1.52 miles. A snail moving at a consistant pace travels 11 inches per hour.

If a snail travels at an average speed of 0.02 miles per hour what is the average speed in meter per second?

0.02 x 1600meters(1mile) = 32meters/1600seconds = 0.02m or 2cm and snail move way slower than this

How fast is a snail traveling 50cm in 1 minute?

Very slowly: about 0.019 mph

How many meters can a snail travel in 15 minutes if it can move 0.30 meters per minute?

15 minutes(.30 meters / minutes) = 4.5 meters

How close is man to traveling the speed of light?

Approximately as close as a garden snail is to winning at Daytona.

if a snail can move 3/10 of a meter every 1/2 hour what is the speed of the snail in meters per hour?

very slow.

What moves eight miles in a year's time?

a snail