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That all depends on how often you make payments, and the size of each payment.

You certainly know this if you've ever used a credit card, and been the one responsible for the payments.

Regarding the question ... nobody in his right mind borrows money at 10% per day interest.

In the USA, there are "usury" laws that outlaw that kind of interest rate.

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Q: How many years will it take to pay a loan of 7 trillion dollars back at a 10 percent per day interest rate?
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How much will 2000 dollars grow if it is compounded daily for 7 years at 6 percent compounding interest?

If the rate is 6 percent per year, then compounding daily will make no difference. If the rate is 6% per day, then 2000 dollars will be worth approx 1.0042*10^68 dollars. That is approx one hundred million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion dollars.

What is the future value of 80000000 dollars with 5 percent interest in 30 years?

200000000 dollars

What is the future value of 10000 dollars with 3.78 percent interest in 2 years?

In two years, the value of 10,000 dollars with 3.78 interest would be 10,770.29 dollars. An increase 770.29 dollars would be realized.

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If you invest 6000 dollars today ata nine percent interest rate what is the amount of interest after thirty years?

The total interest would be 73606.07 dollars, approx.

What is 7 percent interest over 4 years for 1 million dollars?

The amount of interest that will be paid over 4 years on 1 million dollars is $145,419.75. This figure is configured with an interest rate of 7 percent. The amount can change based on amortization of the loan.

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249.88 dollars

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