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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What will 85000 dollars be worth in 20 years at 5 percent interest?
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How much would 85000 invested at 5 percent interest compounded continuously be worth after 5 years?

Continuous interest formula, A = Pe(rt) Substituting the figures given, A = 85000e(0.05 x 5) = 85000e0.25 = 85000 x 1.284025 = 109142.16

How much would 200 dollars invested at 7 percent interest compounded annually be worth after 5 years?


How much would 15000 dollars invested at 8 percent interest compounded annually be worth after 6 months?

If the interest is compounded annually, then the first interest payment isn't added until the end of the first year. Until then, the investment is worth exactly $15,000.00 .

What is the worth of 14100 in 7 years WITH 5 percent interest?

19035 by simple interest

What is 7 percent of 300 dollars compounded quarterly at annual interest rate?

7 per cent each quarter is equivalent to 31.08% over one year. At that rate 300 dollars would be worth 393.24 dollars.

If 1500 dollars is invested at an interest rate of 3 point 5 percent per year compounded continuously find the value of the investment after 3 6 and 18 years.?

If 1500 dollars is invested at an interest rate of 3.5 percent per year compounded continuously, after 3 years it's worth $1666.07, after 6 years it's $1850.52, and after 18 years it's worth $2816.42.

How much would 125 dollars invested at 8 percent interest compounded annually be worth after 14 years?

$125 times (1.08)14 = $367.15 (rounded)

One thousand dollars is invested at 12 percent interest compounded monthly determine how much the investment is worth after 1 year?

1000 x (1.01)12 = $1126.83

Would a dollar tomorrow be worth more to you today when the interest rate is 20 percent or when it is 10 percent?

10 percent.

What percentage of Americans are worth one million dollars?

1/10th of 1 percent

What is a 33 percent permanent disability usually worth in dollars?

There really is not a way to determine the worth in dollars. The .33% would be multiplied by the amount of the settlement.

How much will 2000 dollars grow if it is compounded daily for 7 years at 6 percent compounding interest?

If the rate is 6 percent per year, then compounding daily will make no difference. If the rate is 6% per day, then 2000 dollars will be worth approx 1.0042*10^68 dollars. That is approx one hundred million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion dollars.

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