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A hundred billion is 100,000,000,000 thus there are 11 zeros in it

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Q: How many zeros are there in hundred billion?
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How many zeros in one hundred billion?


How many zeros are in a hundred billion?

100,000,000,000 11 of them.

How many zeros are in nine hundred billion?

In the UK there are million = 6 zeros trillion = 9 zeros billion = 12 zeros and 2 zeros in 9 hundred so 12 + 2 = 14

How many zeros is their in a billion?

There are nine zeros in a billion.

How many zeros in 250 billion?

Two hundred and fifty billion is shown as "250,000,000,000". From this you can see that there are ten zeroes in that number.

How many zeros in fifty billion?

A billion has 9 zeros so ten (or fifty) billion has 10 zeros.

How many zeros are in one billion billion?

how many zeros in one billion

Which is the highest a billion a centillion a quadrillion or a googol?

A billion is one with nine zeros after it. A quadrillion is one with fifteen zeros after it, a googol is one with one hundred zeros after it, and a centillion is one with three hundred and three zeros after it. So it is a centillion.

How many zeros are in a biliion billion?

There are 9 zeros in one billion

A billion equals how many zeros?

1 billion has 9 zeros.

When can there be eight zeros in a billion?

One billion is 1000 million which is 1,000,000,000 although you can have one-hundred million which contains 8 zeros, 100,000,000.

How many zeros does 16 billion have?

There are 9 zeros in 16,000,000,000 which is 16 billion

How many zeros in 22.5 billion?

There are 8 zeros in 22.5 billion, which is 22,500,000,000

How many zeros are in a billion according to Indian scale?

9 zeros are in 1,000,000,000/ a billion.

How many zeros are in 2.1 billion?

Eight zeros.

How many zeros in 18.75 Billion?

Seven zeros.

How many zeros does 8 billion have?

9 zeros

How many zeros are in 3.6 billion?

8 zeros

How many zeros in a hundred trillion?

100,000,000,000,000 = hundred trillion which has 14 zeros in it

How many zeros does two hundred gig have?

"gig" usually refers to "billion"."Two hundred gig" = 200 billion = 200,000,000,000Eleven (11) zeros were used to write that number.

How many zeros in thirty two trillion four hundred and seven billion one hundred and nineteen million?

7. 32,407,119,000,000 The answer above is using the American trillion and billion. The European version of this number is 32,000,407,000,119,000,000, and therefore has 13 zeros.

How many zeros are in a 200 billion?

200,000,000,000 11 zeros are in 200 billion.

How many zeros are there in 3 billion?

In English speaking countries there are 9 zeros in three billion.3,000,000,000In other countries there may be 12 zeros in three billion.3,000,000,000,000In England, an English speaking country, a billion = one million, million (12 zeros).6 zeros is a million, 7 zeros is ten million, 8 zeros is a hundred million,9 zeros is a thousand million, 10 zeros is ten thousand million,11 zeros is a hundred thousand million. 12 zeros is a million million = a BILLION.In North American usage a billion = a thousand, million. (9 zeros).Nine, if you write it as 3,000,000,000 .Two, if you write it as 3.0 x 109 .

How many zeros in 65 billion?

There's 9 Zeros (000,000,000) in a Billion. 65 Billion=65,000,000,000

How many zeros are in 70 billion?

A billion is 1 followed by nine zeros 70 billion thus has 10 zeros 70,000,000,000

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